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   Chapter 80 You Are Really Something (3)

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Because of the extra size of the office, the woman in the video not only installed a bug in this place, but also walked around a few circles to pick out remote places to put more bugs.

She still had a smile on her lips. She didn't know why she was so happy.

When they found twelve monitors following her gesture, they were amazed.

It really cost a large amount of money, just as what Richie had said.

And this woman was so bold. She had the nerve to play some tricks in the men's office of L City, who was regarded as the yama.

Perhaps she just thought that ordinary people would not install a monitor in their own office, so that she would be so bold to make small movements.

Tim put all the monitors on the desk, lowered his head and didn't dare to look at the man's face carefully.

As far as he had known about him for so many years, what he had shown would definitely be indescribable.

With his forehead propped up, Richie ordered in a cold voice, "Send the videos and the monitors to the Li Clan."

Let them have a good look at their own offspring. How satisfying.

What face did they have to ask her marry him? And the woman knew that he was married, but she shamelessly scolded Consuela.

Oh, look at her! Isn't she saying that he was blind?

What kind of wife he married was his own business. It was none of her business.

In other words, all the instigators behind her were the members of her clan.

Consuela's face flashed through his mind. His face softened. He wondered what she was doing now.

Tim couldn't stand to see the man's gloomy face suddenly turned into a smiling face.

He could not help but shudder. He quickly packed up the monitors and also backed up the video.

This might result in a deadlock between the two families.

After they left, the man began to check the cooperation with Wang Group over the years.

The principle of cooperation between the two groups was always the same, which was always dominated by the interests first. Sruthan Group fought hard and fought for what they wanted, but they never treated them shabbily.

The cooperation of medical equipment l

He stood up and walked to the French window, looking melancholy.

Downstairs were small black dots as small as ants. They rushed on the wide street, and the cars drove like the wind.

The higher a man stood, the more numerous people were looking forward to pulling him off.

After telling the chief lawyer, Zed, about the case, Tim received a call from a member of the Li Clan, who was also an assistant.

"As for the video and bug issues, I think we should have a face-to-face talk before we make a decision," the one on the other end of the line said formulaically

A woman with a clear and beautiful voice. She might want to play the honey trap.

Tim shook his head for his dirty thoughts. Although the Li Clan was no longer prosperous as before, it was still one of the top families in L City.

'As the saying goes, a starved camel is bigger than a horse. How can the decline go on? Aristocratic atmosphere... '

All of a sudden, the face of Miss Laura came to his mind. He had a headache.

The noble temperament was something that could only be used to hide. When they got angry, they were more vulnerable than ordinary people.

Urged by the man on the other side, Tim raised his hand to look at his watch and said, "Okay, no problem. Arrange the time and place, and we'll talk in detail."

No matter what schemes she would use, he had to go to see her. It was really frustrating. He was helpless.

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