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   Chapter 79 You Are Really Something (2)

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His laugh froze all her hope.

He didn't want to recall the past with her, after he was with Consuela, that little bitch.

He walked past her and walked towards the desk. "Don't worry. If something is lost in the office, I will report it to your father and let the Li Clan know."

"Richie, even if you don't love me as before, you can't do this to me now."

Looking at him, Laura couldn't control her temper any longer. Tim by the side took a few steps back in a hurry.

He had no way to deal with this kind of situation.

Although the Li Clan wasn't a threat to them, they didn't want to tear up the face completely.

He turned her eyes to the man who had sat down with imposing manner, wondering how to ask the proud, conceited female peacock out.

"I'm the chosen daughter-in-law of the Ye Clan, but why is Consuela accepted by you? Why can't I enter your office?" She took a deep breath and said, "Richie, you've gone too far."

His mother had slapped her across the face in order to comfort Consuela. Now he was desperately hoping that the bitch would say thank you to him, and get her out of here?

'No, I won't let that bitch rest assured.'

Richie didn't even look at her. He was fed up with her nonsense. He opened the encrypted computer on the table and said indifferently, "get out of here. You are not welcome."

The woman widened her eyes in disbelief, listening to the thin click of the keyboard. This was the man she had admired for a long time.

Oh, did she fall in love with him before?

"You'll regret it, for everything you said and did today."

He was so insane. The woman he had been partial to was able to make the nude photos public.

"What I regret most now is that I am here to listen to your nonsense for so long." The man raised his hand, "Tim, take her out."

Hearing the plain and heartless words, Laura was stunned for a while. She didn't know when Richie became like this.

How could he be so annoyed with her? He didn't care about her prestige, nor did he care about

ked him to do so. He actually could feel that the woman was unusual, but there was one thing that bothered him after another.

He was so upset that he didn't think too much.

With Richie's permission, Tim walked towards the window in a hurry and pressed a button on the computer. Then the video of the small window appeared.

From the high definition video, Laura appeared in these days. It showed that she behaved abnormally regular and early.

After a sneaky inspection of the office, she took out something from her handbag and quickly put them in some small places.

The two suddenly looked at each other when they were watching the video. Soon, Tim pressed the button to close the video. With a darkened face, Richie reached out his hand and fumbled around the desk.

After a while, he felt something slightly protruding in his body, and the man's atmosphere was even more powerful.

"What is it, boss?" Tim asked cautiously, wiping the sweat from his forehead.

The man pulled down the thing he had groped and threw it on the European style office table with a bang.

It was a mini bug.

"She is really willing to spend money monitoring me." Richie snorted. His bright smile made people chill.

He was extremely angry now.

Tim opened the video again and dared not to turn around.

Hopefully, the fire didn't affect him.

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