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   Chapter 75 What The Hell Is Going On With You (4)

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The man went to pour a cup of water for a long time. When he came back, she could smell the flavor of nicotine, which was very light mixed with the fragrance of mint, but was very obvious.

Consuela didn't like any strange combination of smell. But she managed to keep her eyes from the man scanning her face. She didn't even frown.

She didn't know how to face this man now.

Tears, which showed weakness in her eyes, flowed more and more happily, revealing her deep uneasiness.

The man stood in front of the bed and stared at her for a long time. His face was as pale as snow, and his eyes were as bright as stars.

'what a useless woman!'.

When the man bent over to hold her, there was no sign. Consuela was taken aback by his sudden move.

What was he doing?

The light sigh sounded beside her ear, without any gaps, and it went through the eardrum directly, leaving a heavy blow on her heart.

It was rare for her to see his helpless face. Richie was a man who always behaved superior and seldom showed his weakness in front of others.

"Stop crying. Is your belly still very painful? If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me. Don't hold on. I'm sorry, Consuela."

His voice was gradually hoarse, but his apologize was like a sign which had engraved in her heart.

When she was held by him, she opened her eyes and looked at the white ceiling above her. After hearing the man's apology, her body trembled slightly.

It turned out that he could do this to protect his child.

He was really a good father.

A sarcastic smile crept across her face. Tears coursed down her cheeks, wetted the pillow.

He hugged her even tighter. This sensitive and suspicious man should have known that she had woken up, but he didn't stop talking.

It seemed that he didn't mind that at all. He just wanted her to see him, helpless and fragile.

His words touched the deepest corner of her heart.

Her heart beat faster and faster. Listening to the man's ambiguous tal

sad he was, he could not shed tears. This abnormal and shameless jerk still thought he was a gentle man.

Richie turned his face, kissed her eyes, and returned to the shoulder position again.

His affectionate gesture warmed Consuela's heart.

She must be crazy now.

"If this is what I want, I hope it can extend forever."

Became love.

Consuela froze for a short while. Was he expressing his feelings for her?

Richie's embrace was getting closer and closer. Consuela couldn't break free from his embrace, but she couldn't feel the hard distance.

At this moment, she clearly felt that Richie was afraid that she would escape.

"If this is not what I like, then I think, in the future, I will definitely do it."

Love was a very strange thing. It came for no reason and grew confounded.

No one knew what would happen in the end.

"Consuela, I'll spend the rest of my life with you,"

As a matter of fact, he might be straightforward enough to express his love to her, but Consuela didn't know how to respond, just wanted to laugh.

She didn't know why, maybe because she was happy, or simply wanted to laugh.

But the man suddenly threw out a question, and her face was messy. Finally, she could only be numb and stiff.

"Consuela, do you like me? If yes, shake your head; if not, nod. "

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