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   Chapter 74 What The Hell Is Going On With You (3)

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Consuela forced a smile, trying to comfort the frightened woman.

In fact, even she herself did not expect that why things would develop to this point.

In the past, Cassandra was just like a slave. Once she couldn't endure any harsh treatment, her slave for him would be removed for the time being.

"Don't hold back. You just fell down badly. I'll call the nurse for you." Cassie suggested, holding her to the seat.

She really wanted to give the man in the ward a good beat.

Let him do it. After that, his wife would be doomed to divorce him.

Consuela nodded and stood up to leave. Then all of a sudden, she drifted off her seat, her mind in a mess.


The woman fell on the chair. With a scream, Cassie held her up and shouted in the corridor, "nurse!"

The scream was so loud to shock the man inside. Richie rushed out, and saw a pale woman being sent into the cart.

For a moment, worry and impatience were intertwined in his heart, like a tangled and twisted hemp rope.

Hearing the footsteps, Cassie looked back at him and asked with a smile, "are you satisfied now?"

Her eyes were sharp and restrained, as if she wanted to see through his soul at the first sight.

He pursed his lips and suddenly felt powerless. His lips were pale and his eyes were gloomy, like bottomless abyss.

"If anything happens to Consuela, you will surely regret it in the future," Cassie opened her mouth firmly with no expression of hatred. Her eyes were so clear that the man could not breathe.

He didn't need the future. He regretted it now.

The nurse pushed Consuela to the emergency room. "Doctor Han."

Cassie straightened her white coat and ran to her without a look at him, as if she had given up on this man.

She didn't know what had happened between them. She only believed what she had seen with her eyes.

Both the compulsive kiss and the sudden push were Richie's fault.

The man took a deep breath. With an impulse in the bottom of his heart, he rushed to the emergency room, but was stopp

eople of the Ye Clan. Cassie yawned and shook her head.

It was necessary for the two of them to discuss the couple's business. It was none of other people's business to make it up.

Consuela had been awake a long time ago when she heard the man talking to Cassie. Her mind had been once again filled with fury.

"It's okay as long as the child is fine."

Those simple but grateful words kept rolling in her mind again and again.

All he did was for their baby. Didn't she know it?

"Why are you crying in your dream?" The man chuckled and felt much more relaxed.

When he saw the tears in the woman's eyes, he could only tease her, but no one responded to him.

Maybe it was because Richie felt much better after knowing that she was all right. He put Consuela's hand back to the bed and carefully tucked her in the quilt.

He turned around to get some hot water. He wasn't used to turning his head back, so he didn't notice Consuela suddenly opened her eyes.

Tears welled up in her eyes and dropped down to her long hair. The tears were wet and sticky, making her feel uncomfortable.

She raised her hand and stroked her belly in circles. Her feelings became more violent like the wave.

What should she do?

Their marriage was a helpless and mutual torture, but it was tied up by their child. How long could their marriage last?

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