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   Chapter 73 What The Hell Is Going On With You (2)

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Life was peaceful. However, Consuela could feel that her state of mind had changed.

She didn't want to stay with this man for too long.

The man sat on the balcony deck chair, wearing a pair of gold rimmed glasses. From the corner of his eye, he saw the woman standing up. "Where are you going?"

"Let me get some hot water." Consuela explained calmly, without a blush on her face.

She picked up the hot water bottle in front of him and left directly. Wearing a loose thick coat, she looked like a moving ball from a distance.

She did gain a lot of weight.

The man on the video call was about to discuss, but the handsome man stopped talking.

"Our cooperation on medical equipment...Mr. Richie, are you listening?"

His question brought him back to his senses. Richie cleared his throat and said, "I'm sorry. Please continue."

After a long time, the woman still didn't come back. It seemed that she was avoiding him deliberately.

After doing the rehabilitation examination, he found that she was asleep. He got up and went downstairs to have a walk and she was sleeping. After she woke up, she began to leave with various excuses.

He wouldn't believe if there wasn't anything wrong with her.

He wondered what Consuela had done to make her escape from him.

As Consuela was just a few steps away from the ward, her phone rang. It was Sheryl calling.

"Why didn't you answer your phone? Is there anything wrong with you? Don't keep anything to yourself. Tell me. "

Before she could answer the phone, Sheryl had spoken out a barrage of words of concern, which made Consuela upset.

She could not say anything.

Trying to compose herself, she said in a soft voice, "Sister, it's my phone. You might be worried about me, but I'm doing great here. Nothing happened."

She stomped on the ground and drew circles on the ground. Impatience and restless were all expressed in minor details.

Sheryl's lips twitched. She had heard that Consuela had become the center of attention at her c

ow caution to the wind.

Cassie was too shocked to speak, keeping a very strange expression.

'Oh my God! Were they eaten fire?'

When she saw the long face of Consuela, she immediately helped her stand up.

"Are you out of your mind, Richie? Can't you think about your baby?

A bad father like you should be forlorn and have no descendants."

No matter what had Consuela done, she was a pregnant woman now and she needed to be taken good care of.

Richie's face was stirred. He looked at the woman in Cassie's arms and sneered. He went straight to his ward.

"Are you okay, Consuela?" Cassie did not have time to look at the man's face, and quickly asked the woman who was clearly abnormal.

Even though she had scolded him very hard just now, she had no choice but to protect the baby.

Shaking her head, Consuela struggled to stand up and replied, "I'm fine."

Then came the cold and unreasonable voice of that man, "don't pretend to be pitiful here. Get out of here."

Huh, he said 'get out' not to appear in his sight.

Cassie looked at the woman in silence, patting her on the back and comforted her softly, "don't think too much about that madman. He is just an intermittent insane."

"Thank you. I'm fine."

He didn't expect that the woman who didn't look like her friends would be the one who comforted her.

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