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   Chapter 72 What The Hell Is Going On With You (Part one)

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Suddenly, she didn't want to go in and face that man. Her joy after attending the classmate party was also crushed by his words.

He could always trample her hope to the bottom of his feet without making the slightest effort.

If all the things were for the baby, then what she was doing now was unnecessary.

Superfluous was just like a wishful thinking in a love story. It really made people feel sad to hear it.

In silence, she closed her eyes, and she could hear nothing.

The phone in the bag, however, suddenly lit up. Consuela frowned as she took out her phone.

Her head ached as she saw the name "sister" on the screen.

During a period of time, she almost forgot her family, but she didn't tell them.

She didn't know whether she should answer it or not.

She raised her finger gently. When she just wanted to connect, her mobile phone had turned off. It seemed to solve a big problem for her.

She sat in a chair and took a nap. She was awakened by Cassie and was shocked when she faced the woman's face.

She covered her mouth with one hand directly. Frowning, Cassie said, "don't scream. I won't dig out your organs to sell them."

She said in a relaxing tone, but her expression carried weight inexplicably.

The loud voice of the two affected Consuela. Consuela felt the look in her eyes was filled with pity.

"Well..." She blinked and looked at Cassie, making a gesture to let go first, and she would never cry.

"Why are you sleeping here? The man who was hot tempered called you a moment ago, but your phone was turned off. He was frightened." Cassie looked at her up and down, frowning.

He was worried about the baby.

"My calf was cramping, so I was sitting here to have a rest. But I fell asleep before I could think of anything." She replied as she scratched her head, her face sincere.

In most pregnant women, their calves had been cramped several times. Some of them had got extremely inflamed.

Cassie glanced at her with doubt and said, "Okay. I'll give

pt wearing sick clothes. He looked extremely healthy.

Why did he have to stay in the hospital for so long?

Cassie's eyes twinkled. It was obvious that she didn't want to talk about it for too long. So she made a joke, "He has a chronic disease and the treatment is complicated.

You see, he has to do all kinds of medical examinations and infusion every day. He doesn't seem to be as healthy as before."

The words was so hard for Consuela to swallow. She must be telling the truth.

Besides work, the man carried out all kinds of complicated inspection every day. One of his hands was still covered with bruises.

Suddenly Cassie teased. She blinked her eyes mischievously and said, "what's wrong? Are you worried about him?"

In fact, she still couldn't figure out Consuela's true feelings for Richie.

It was impossible to say that she didn't care about him. But she never cared about him sincerely.

Maybe she just didn't care about him as much as she thought, but, alas...

"Yes. I've been worried about him." Consuela said with a reassuring smile.

When the woman didn't respond to her but smiled at her, Consuela realized that she had been fooled.

As expected, the man behind her said in a lukewarm voice, "I accept your concern."

He then cast a scornful glance at Consuela, which made her blush bright red.

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