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   Chapter 71 Classmate Gathering (4)

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But they said it with good reasons, which made people involuntarily enter the drama.

When Consuela looked up at the couple in front of the song ordering platform, she had a totally different feeling.

Besides, Tim said that the class beau had an excellent acting skill. It was so curious about what it was about.

Suddenly, a girl asked in a low voice, "Consuela, why did you refuse the class beau's love confession before?"

The abrupt question drew everyone's attention. They all looked at her, it was burning.

The gossip was burning like fire, and she could even hear the cracking sound.

When did she refuse him? Wait! When did the class beau tell her that he liked her? Where did the rumors come from?

"What are you talking about? I don't seem to understand." Consuela swallowed the grapes in her mouth and placed them down her throat.

It was not good to have a cold feeling.

The girl who had asked that question knitted her brows and responded, "Don't worry about the class beau. Just tell us. We won't tell anyone."

As soon as her words dropped, people around all began to echo her words, urging her to say more quickly.

"You're so unkind to keep me in the dark." Obviously, Selina didn't know the thing, either. She pointed at the woman's nose and said.

Tim beside her was obviously very interested. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her sad face with a smile, racking his brains to recall the past.

The three of them stared at her expectantly. Consuela said with a bitter smile, "I don't think I'm in it now."

If a young girl at such a young age had been confessed, how could she have no memory at all?

'this is absolutely impossible. But I don't know where did this person hear of it.'.

"I remember that Terence took part in the basketball team before. My ex-boyfriend was in it, too. He told me." The woman sighed and looked helpless.

"I didn't expect that you didn't know it."

Consuela was rendered speechless

Selina sighed and shook her head, "What a pi

Because his elder brother turned a blind eye to his kindness.

'How could I waste so much time and energy to him? What a pity!'

Smiling, Consuela got into the elevator. Then she stopped in front of the ward.

The door was not closed. Maybe it was because that no one was around, or maybe they were not afraid of being overheard.

"I didn't expect that you married that little girl. Don't tell me that it's because of love." Cassie sounded impatient.

The man's indifferent voice was always attractive with a symbolic sound. "You want to know so much."

"Are you going to get in the car first, to be discovered by your family, and then make up the ticket?"

The man kept silent for a long while, so long that Consuela thought he wouldn't answer her question. Then suddenly, she heard his voice full of disdain.

"Or do you think I like to get married?"

His words reminded her that all he wanted was to give the baby a legitimate identity.

The reason why he was nice to her these days was that he wanted her to be in a good mood not to affect the baby.

Somehow, her heart sank to the bottom of the valley as if it was pulled hard by two big hands and couldn't get rid of them.

With a bitter smile, she turned around and sat on a bench in the corridor for rest. Her face looked tired, and she suddenly felt very tired.

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