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   Chapter 70 Reunion Of Classmates (3)

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Adriana stood by the door, blocking the road. When she saw the man Consuela was holding, there was a flash of resentment in her eyes, which was too fast to be grasped.

She said sarcastically, not showing much affection. "Huh. When did you find a boyfriend? You're so adorable. I've just heard from our monitor that you're working in Sruthan Building. "

"I didn't expect that a silent and reserved person like you can do it now," She smiled amiably, as if she were smiling at a fox.

Shrugging her shoulders, Consuela forced a smile. She wanted to say something, but she didn't know how to start.

The way she spoke was still the same as before. Her sarcasm made her feel uncomfortable. But after all, she had grown up. The cool and arrogant expressions in the past had now turned into the beautiful smiles on her face.

But there was one thing she could do. It was to be patient. She didn't want to be the one who got in trouble again.

All of a sudden, Tim said with a smile, "Miss, thank you for taking care of Consuela."

After she was choked by the words, Adriana smiled embarrassedly and pulled down her face.

Since she was still a student, the relationship between her and Consuela had been as stiff as ice.

Both of them were standing at the door, looking very eye-catching. Not to mention that the class belle blocked the door and seemed to be greeting warmly.

A few minutes later, the monitor who had just finished singing a song brought them in.

"You didn't come to the class reunion for many times. You've stolen a lot of attention today," said the monitor with a smile

The dress Consuela was wearing was a new product pushed on a famous magazine. It was the brand new product, and the designer could tell that it was expensive and simple.

The tall man was pretty considerate to her. He slowed down on purpose to let her follow him.

The monitor lowered her head to see what happened. The woman with no make-up was wearing a pair of simple and elegant flat shoes.

There was a large room for people to daydream.


ve learned hide handsome guys."

As soon as the news of Adriana's engagement came out, that woman had already become the hottest topic on the whole wechat world.

They shared their selfies, wedding dresses and make-up, and posted them on the wechat moments one by one. They were afraid that single women wouldn't be mad at them.

After finding a seat, many people began to gather in the box, including some classmates who led their families and even some gifted children.

Sitting aside, they were teaching the parenting methods. They told the stories of Adriana, the overlord of karaoke, and the class beau.

Selina Liu also joined them, "Maybe you don't know yet. But I've heard that they grew up together in the same military compound."

But it seemed that he was not nice to the girl.

They sat around the table and chatted with each other. As the lookers on, Consuela knew nothing about this.

In the end, the conclusion was that both of them were from a military family, but the class beau wanted to do business. His father had blocked him again and again, but he never agreed.

So his father changed the topic and asked him to marry Adriana before he was allowed to run a business.

Then things developed into what they knew.

Consuela asked in disbelief. People were all making up stories. It was hard to tell whether the story was true or not.

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