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   Chapter 69 Reunion Of Classmates (2)

If You Want Me By Qing Cha Characters: 6555

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Consuela didn't know how to explain it.

Her refusal was blocked by her monitor. She had to show up now.

The man who had been silent for a long time suddenly asked when he saw the gloomy expression on her face, "Are you thinking of a way to poison the child?"

Frightened, Consuela didn't know how to respond. Suddenly, she stopped massaging her belly.

With a long face, she asked, "My classmate in high school arranged a local party. May I go there?"

She really hoped that this man would be so arbitrary and cut off all her hopes.

But the man seemed to contradict her deliberately. He answered casually, "whatever. Go if you want to."

It was not good for the child to be kept like this. He thought that she should go out for a walk more and catch some fresh air.

Consuela's mouth was agape. Was he going crazy?

"Don't look at me like a fool. Actions speak louder than words." Richie frowned and looked at her coldly.

Moved? No way! She wanted to beat him up now.

The monitor also sent her an exact meeting time, which was this Sunday. She checked the calendar. It was Friday today.

After all, it had been in such a hurry to force her to leave.

However, the person on the other end of the line kept explaining to her that they hadn't met for a long time. In fact, the time had already been fixed.

As Consuela was a local, they informed her in the last few days.

More than that and worse explanations, which confused her more.

The final few days of notice. She didn't know if they cared about her or something else. This should be an evil party.

She didn't want to go, but after hearing her words, Richie had started to arrange a driver for her.

It was really hypocritical of her to refuse again at this time.

The man elegantly closed the laptop and looked up at her with his narrow eyes. "I have no special requirements for anything else. I'll find someone to go with you, but..."

She took his words quickly,

ich was so elegant that it was different from the image she had experienced in her daily life.

When she was in shock, the man in a formal handmade suit blinked his eyes, which eased a lot of embarrassment.

Smiling, Consuela got out of the car and held the man's arm.

Without any hesitation, they walked into the famous club in L City with the invitation cards. A waitress led them to the private room booked by the class monitor.

Richie had arranged Tim to take care of Consuela. If she went to the club alone, he would be worried about her.

He was good at blocking drinks as well as joking.

Pretending to be a successful man and being considerate to Consuela was not a difficult task for Tim.

However, he dared not do anything to her.

Although the man didn't say anything, he said something eventually. He would call her from time to time to check what was going on.

"Don't be so nervous. I will take all the blame."

"How do you know what was waiting for me?"

The two of them opened the door to the VIP room, and instantly the wailing and howling of the persons pierced into Consuela's ears. Amused, Consuela walked towards the room.

The first one she saw was the woman who was about to get married. She was wearing a heavy make-up and smiled with her red lips twitched.

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