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   Chapter 68 A Classmate Gathering (Part one)

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"Don't be so aloof. You're an idiot," she said with a smile.

She wouldn't have any trouble if she was replaced with such a man.

Looking at the regret on that woman's face, Debbie was afraid that she would kill her friend by herself.

"Got it. Go." Debbie waved her hand dismissively.

She sighed in relief and went back to the ward. Seeing the man with bandage on his leg, she felt relieved.

"Do you think my leg will be disabled?" After a short pause, he asked, "Will you still want me if I can't stand up?"

The woman pretended to be angry and laughed heartlessly. "Hey, don't say such ambiguous words. You can stand up. I have never wanted you."

Besides, he was unable to stand up because he could take part in several advertising photos that called for caring about disabled people.

"Really?" The man also laughed, with a coquettish pink color in the corners of his eyes. What she meant was quite obvious.

The woman made a gesture to hide the blush on her face and turned around quickly.

Screw it! He asked while knowing the answer.

On the other side, Consuela and Cassie got on the elevator.

"Do you still want the autographs?" Watching the exciting scene unfold in the elevator, which had changed into a sad one, Consuela couldn't help but shake her hand.

She couldn't help but sigh that the postcards seemed to be the landscape paintings of the man in the play. If she said that Debbie was not interested in him, she would never believe it.

All of a sudden, Cassie turned her head away with great courage and said arrogantly, "I don't accept gifts from my love rival."

The ordinary brainless fan was not her type, but the woman who appeared now was too powerful.

Her idol called her nickname affectionately, which could never be compared to the photo scandal.

Consuela didn't understand what was bothering her.

Since she thought that it was a wise decision, then let her be. With a slight nod, Consuela put the postcards away.

Actually, they had also made a lot of progress in this trip, but it was just that Cassie was too concerned about the intimate service of her ido

are you frightened? Don't scare me. You have infiltrated into Sruthan Group, such a big company. Tell me. Do you look down on us old classmates?'

The monitor was a squad leader who could comment on trifles as if sparks crashed into the earth.

A powerful army that can ward off violent attacks with just one mouth.

She was afraid that the monitor would continue to talk about this matter. So she immediately responded, "Okay, I'll go to the party this time. Even if you don't come, I will surely go there."

When she had been in Sruthan Building, only her family knew about it. The monitor and her sister were good friends, so they should have known it clearly.

They were waiting for her to dig a hole for herself, and then she would retort slowly.

Finally the monitor said in distress, "Have a good performance in Sruthan Group."

Consuela smiled awkwardly. In the past, she was just a secretary in the Secretary Department, but now she was treated as a high-ranking officer in the company.

She felt so ashamed.

She was not in the mood to watch the drama anymore. Looking down at her belly, she pinched it and thought bitterly.

If she told someone that she had gained weight in the office after graduation, she wondered whether there was anyone willing to believe her.

Luckily, it was still in winter and could be covered by thick clothes.

She signed again, with full of helplessness.

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