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   Chapter 66 What A Mistake They Made (2)

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Debbie smiled peacefully. Her beautiful short hair was dyed by the sun and she continued, "Auntie, maybe it's because I'm pretty. A few of us look like me in my hometown."

The woman was amused to see that she didn't seem to know her. She turned over the page and found the girl familiar.

She must be an important person I've met lately.

The woman turned her head and said to Richie, "You and your cousin are also lucky. You have both been selected to be sent to hospital on the same day."

Then the three of them began to discuss about their future plans. Consuela idly ate her food, and picked up a slice of food for the woman next to her.

Debbie kept chuckling while having her bountiful lunch unhurriedly, her palms wet with sweat.

'That bastard! You'd better pray to God every day! Otherwise, I will get hold of you!

I will show him how capable I am.'

Consuela, who was closest to Debbie, could tell how nervous she was now. Her hand was already beginning to bleed.

She glanced at Debbie from head to toe. An idea struck her, but she held back.

After dinner, the two old women were chatting with Richie about their daily lives.

Consuela was stunned by Richie's filial piety.

After saying goodbye to them, Debbie dragged Consuela to the gate and said in a trembling voice, "Don't ask anything now, Consuela. That man almost drove me crazy."

Even if the woman wasn't arranged by him, she would still connect her as a conspiracy role.

Consuela waved her hand as a sign of compromise. She grabbed her arm and said, "Okay, okay. I won't ask you anything. Could you please calm down first? Where are you going?"

If she left now, maybe those people would still stay outside. Wasn't she afraid?

"I'd like to throw myself into the net." Debbie said with a bitter smile.

The elevator just opened. After they went in, Debbie pressed a button. The reception in the elevator was bad, and the phone was temporarily blocked.

Debbie didn't want to count the calls. 'This man is so crazy and stubborn... Retarded.'

Tapping her chin, Consuela commented, "You're a coward."


He stood up slowly, and his thin lips touched her ear tip. He threatened in a low voice, "Don't reveal the plan."

'Ha-ha, what an impenetrable flirtation!' she thought.

Left with no choice, she turned her head away and didn't make any response. The two old women, however, thought that she was just being shy. They laughed even louder and the conversation became whispers.

She was more than embarrassed. The endless embarrassment, like a wave, swept over her.

But she had to force a smile.

Besides, the man in front of her wasn't a patient at all since he was able to stand up and send people off. She wondered whether her trip to the hospital was going to end.

A dash of disappointment flashed through Consuela's eyes. She hadn't gotten the chance to develop her fondness of him, but she had to leave right away.

She was not reconciled at all.

"What tricks are you thinking about?" On their way back, Richie asked her curiously, tilting his head.

Being interrupted all of a sudden, Consuela regained her composure and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm just thinking about your illness. You're getting better, aren't you?"

The man deliberately misinterpreted her words, snorted coldly and said, "Do you expect me to die as soon as possible and live as a widow?"

Shaking her head, she warned, "Don't curse yourself. You know how to spell 'spell'. Sometimes it's quite effective."

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