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   Chapter 65 What A Mess (1)

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She said in a polite way. The jade bracelet in the wooden box was extremely good. Even Consuela, who didn't know what's what, could tell that it was not an ordinary object.

Did the members of the Ye Clan spend so much on sending presents?

She raised her head to look at him, as if she was unable to hear his words any more.

Now Consuela knew clearly that she was living under Richie's roof. Although she was not willing to do that, she had to ask Richie for help with everything.

"This is aunt's gift for you. Take it," said Richie in a low voice. He did not respond to her sight.

Consuela took the bracelet quickly, fearing that it would disappear all of a sudden. "Thank you, aunt."

The woman returned her with a smile. Before she turned around to leave, she saw the woman behind Consuela. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"This lady looks familiar. Have we met before?"

It was an old cliche. If it was said by other young men, they must be flirting.

However, she seemed serious when being asked by the woman.

The shocking woman who had already been shocked by the sudden truth could only shake her head subconsciously when she heard the question.

She had never seen such a magnificent woman, even in Sruthan Building. She had not seen much of the world.

The woman laughed at herself and put down a trace of doubt in her heart. She turned around and walked to Wendy. "Then it should be my mistake. I'm getting old."

Although she didn't remember the woman clearly, she felt she looked familiar.

They must have met somewhere before.

Richie let go of his hand on Consuela's waist and asked with a frown, "A secretary of Sruthan Group?"

"What? …… Yes, I am." Debbie didn't know what was going on until she saw the man winking at her.

It was out of her expectation that the boss could remember a passer-by like her who was busy working but had never seen him before.

All the documents she was familiar with were taken to the CEO Office directly.

Moreover, there was a secreta


Shaking her head, Consuela said, "It seems that he really loves you."

The man kept calling her, so he must be worried about the woman who had a poor brain.

If she met such a person, no matter what kind of grievance he had, it would be delayed for a while. And there would be more unreasonable things in the file.

Shocked by Consuela's words, Debbie lowered her head with disappointment flashing in her eyes.

If possible, she also wanted to be with him, but there was something that missed.

The woman on the other side asked with doubt, "Little girl, have we really never met before?"

Debbie swallowed the food in her mouth quickly and looked up. When she was about to answer with a smile and politeness, her eyes were slightly stiff when she saw the woman's face.

Her hands on her legs were trembling.

This woman seemed to be that man's mother. She had seen her photo in his photo album not long ago.

Just because she was so excited about the relationship between Consuela and the boss that she didn't observe the woman at all.

Now the sudden attack made her unable to stand still.

It didn't matter how this person felt that she was familiar. Now the most important thing was to leave here. Sure enough, hospitals were full of danger.

She would rather run to that man than be exposed here.

What a mistake!

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