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   Chapter 63 An Encounter

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The man in the ward opened his eyes after his mother left, but he was actually awake all the time.

He just fixed his position and didn't want to wake up the sleeping woman.

Moreover, when his mother came here at this time, there should be nothing urgent and nothing to worry about.

The man was so considerate that even he himself doubted if it was really him.

Occasionally, the birds stopped outside the window. The chirping sounds didn't sound pleasing at the moment.

He raised his head slightly and looked at the woman frowning. She was really unhappy all day. Even if she was sleeping, she still frowned.

He raised another empty hand, laid it on the woman's raised belly, and whispered on her head, "I really hope that you can give me a healthy baby."

He hoped the baby in her womb wouldn't be affected by her moods now and then.

Perhaps even he himself didn't notice that there was an unutterable emotion in his eyes at the moment. It was light and sentimental.

Consuela opened her eyes and heard Richie's words. Her heart ached as if it was cut by a knife.

A gust of cold wind blew into the ward, but she could do nothing.

She didn't have any tonics to sew her skin, nor did she have any self-defence skills that could prevent herself from more hurts.

Although he said he was worried about her in the morning, the gentleness he showed was all for the baby.

What did she hope before? Could he forgive her if she treated him better?

It was impossible. Even though she hadn't done that, he still insisted that it was her who drugged him, so the method of torturing her had been waiting for her.

However, by accident, she got pregnant.

That was why he threatened her to stay out of the complicated things when she was doing wrong.

If she hadn't been pregnant, she would have to fight alone. The Xia Clan and her future would be ruined by this man.

But when she thought it through, she only felt disappointed.

Consuela rolled her body in his arms, and as she kept her body unmoved by the bedside, she heard his low voice, "Are you awake?"

When he heard her hoarse voice, the lights in

n as she entered the stairwell, Debbie took off her dark brown sunglasses. With a breathless expression, she said unhappily, "That damn man called his mother here..."

She paused, teeth gritted, and clenched the sunglasses on her hand. The low sound could be heard even by Consuela.

Afraid that the young woman was immersed in her memory, Consuela added, "And then?"

"That shameless guy wanted to force me to marry. Fortunately, I ran fast. I jumped from the balcony to the next ward." After a short pause, she looked better and continued, "You don't know how angry he was at that time."

At the thought of that coquettish man, with a dark face, Debbie raised her eyebrows and burst into laughter.

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She felt like that the physical and mental fatigue of the past decade was all on this woman. She composed her hands, "Good luck to you."

It seemed that the man, whose voice was so familiar and sweet, had fell in love with her. Consuela wondered why she came here in a hurry since she disliked him so much.

When she said that, the expression on her face was even angrier. "It's him who forced me to do this."

Consuela rubbed her forehead and sighed helplessly. "What exactly has he done to you?"

She wanted to give that man a good beating for his bad temper.

But it turned out that she had to be a low-key person, and as expected, she was caught weak points.

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