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   Chapter 62 An Encounter In The Hospital

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After the three of them finished eating their porridge, Consuela received a phone call and walked to the balcony. She completely ignored Richie's inquiring gaze.

It was Debbie.

Before Debbie could say anything else, Consuela asked with a stern look, "Who answered your phone? Don't tell me he's your brother. I remember you told me you're the only child in your family."

Her tone was somewhat domineering. As expected, the weak would be gradually infected after being together with the strong for a long time.

Sometimes she even felt that she was a bit similar to Richie.

Debbie didn't expect that she would ask such a straightforward question. She explained vaguely, "That's one of my ordinary friends. I just went to the bathroom, and you happened to call me."

She blurted it out without a pause. If the man hadn't kept silent for more than ten seconds, she might have believed it.

"Do you really think I'm stupid?" Consuela asked, taking a bite of the grape angrily.

It was impossible for an ordinary friend to come here in such a hurry without any precaution. She could put the phone next to him.

It was a poor lie.

Debbie said in a low voice, as if trying to avoid someone, "Actually, that's my cousin."

Before Consuela could finish her sentence, a loud bang was heard from the phone. Then the man's voice was heard again.

The man chuckled and said, "I am her beloved brother."

His voice rose slightly at the end, as if he was in an extremely happy mood.

When Consuela was about to say something, the man who had cleaned up the table walked up to her slowly and rested his chin on her head.

A muffled voice came from above, "Who are you calling so happily?"

The smile on his face became bigger and bigger, which even made her feel a little uncomfortable.

As soon as she heard the scary voice, Debbie grabbed her phone from the man's hand and asked in confusion, "Consuela, are you...

You... With whom?"

Her words were cut off in a busy tone.

She took down the phone and looked at the time on the screen. She remembered the familiar voice. It was Richie, her boss, the CEO of Sruthan Group.


were deep and bright, as if all her expressions could be seen in the dark night.

He lowered his head and was about to kiss her, but he pretended to turn over and pouted.

He kissed her soft lips and kissed her full of collagen face. What a pity!

It was dark in the ward when Wendy came. She turned on the light subconsciously and saw the harmonious couple on the bed.

They both slept against the bedside table. The woman's head was on the man's shoulder, and the man's head was on the woman's head.

They looked sweet and harmonious.

Wendy chuckled and immediately turned off the light and gently closed the door. As she was teased by the noblewoman who accompanied with her, she said, "What did you see?"

"Stop talking about me. Let's go to see your son first." Wendy suggested with a smile. Her face turned a little ruddy.

The woman dressed in thick clothes next to her smiled but said nothing. As an old person who had the experience, naturally she could tell something from the expression on her face.

She couldn't help fixing her eyes on the closed door for a few seconds, but was pushed away by Wendy.

They were very familiar with each other and spoke without any scruple. "Why are you more anxious than me? I almost doubt that boy is your biological son."

Rose looked up at the face that was a bit like her and shook her head helplessly. "Anyway, he is my nephew."

The two companions left quickly.

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