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   Chapter 61 Stay With Each Other Every Day In The Hospital (5)

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Updated: 2020-01-03 21:37

Consuela walked to the gourmet street while the man in the ward was slowly waking up.

The sun was shining brightly. As usual, Tim knocked at the door of the ward. Before he got permission, he pushed the door open and came in.

As far as Tim was concerned, Cassie didn't dare to act recklessly.

When he entered the ward, Tim's heart missed a beat when he saw Richie's gloomy face.

Unluckily, Consuela wasn't here.

When Richie saw the person, the hope in his eyes was vanished. He asked in an unfriendly tone, "Do you come here to see a patient without any gifts?"

When he just woke up, the woman had disappeared. He was dissatisfied when Tim suddenly appeared. He thought it was the woman who came back.

Tim wiped the sweat on his forehead. He was obviously looking for trouble.

"I'm here to care about you. I don't know what you want." He shrugged his shoulders to show his helplessness. His original plan was to be this man's competent assistant.

"Did you see her?" he asked coldly.

"Ahem, I just arrived, and I didn't see Consuela."

Seeing that man's face clearly showed that he didn't need him, Tim could only squeeze out a bitter smile. He must feel the life was so wonderful that he came here to look for trouble.

Richie stood up and walked steadily into the bathroom with his pale face. He turned his head and said to the person standing outside, "Why can't you find her if you don't see her?"

He was confused as to the reason why the man was so aggressive?

Tim wanted to retort, but he didn't dare to do so. Feeling aggrieved, he answered, "Yes, my boss. I'm going to bring her back right away."

Consuela was not stupid. She had a pair of hands and healthy feet. Maybe something had happened to her when she left the ward, or she might just do something else for him.

Why did Richie worry about Consuela so much?

He couldn't understand the feelings of losing something in love.

He heaved a long sigh, when the man in the bathroom got angry again. "I asked you to look for her. Do you still have any complaints?"

Tim quickly denied, "No, I don't dare to complain at all eve

used by his words, Consuela couldn't help but burst into laughter. She looked at his confident face and nodded, without saying anything else.

"Come here." The man walked back slowly to the bedside, patted the snow-white quilt, and stared at Consuela who was standing at the door.

His meaning was obvious.

Consuela didn't have the time to think too much. She walked up to him and asked anxiously, "You look unhappy. Are you hurt somewhere else?"

Richie frowned. He found that this woman seemed to care about him a lot, but she was heartless.

In the past few days, as long as he looked pale, she would ask him if he felt uncomfortable.

Was it true that she didn't understand or didn't want to?

The man looked at her with his eyes wide open, just like a spoiled child, "I thought you wouldn't come back once you left. I still can't believe it when I see you now."

But his tone was inexplicably sad, as if he had touched something bad.

It occurred to her that something that had happened three years ago and that woman hadn't come back since then.

"Consuela's porridge is so delicious. I have never eaten such delicious porridge before." Tim opened his mouth in time to break the man's sadness.

Knowing what he meant, Consuela rubbed her forehead speechlessly.

With a false smile, Richie said, "It's useless for you to be jealous."

Tim bumped into the man again and wrinkled his nose.

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