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   Chapter 60 Staying With Each Other Day And Night In The Hospital (Part 4)

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In the evening, the lights in the ward were turned on, and the sky was dim. Rubbing her eyes, Consuela looked at the energetic young man and yawned.

Consuela stretched herself and asked with a bent head, "You look energetic after getting sick, don't you?"

He was strong with developed limbs.

The man removed his gaze from the laptop and transferred it to the woman's sleepy face. "If you are sleepy, come over here to sleep."

Yawning with her head resting on her hand was not a easy thing for her.

She was waiting for him in the villa when he came back late, just like this, sitting on the sofa and sleeping unconsciously.

Consuela opened her eyes in amazement. The man had kept smiling for the first time. A dash of indescribable smile crept onto his face.

That really frightened her.

Consuela didn't think too much about it. She simply tucked herself in and asked, "You can't sleep. Do I need read books for you?"

It was said that children always asked adults to read fairy tales for them, but for the giant babies at their age...

She might need to read a few pages of the Bible to cleanse the holy things such as mental belief.

The man looked at her and said in a cold and distant tone, "Do you want to try my bottom line?"

He didn't give her the cold face. She must have learnt how to be naughty.

Being irritated by Bun's joke, Consuela couldn't help but shiver. She stood up and waved her hand, saying, "you're just kidding. Don't take it seriously."

'If you really dislike me, beat me.'

She could only say these words in the bottom of her heart, and she was not sure if that man with bad temper would beat her if he said it out.

In the dark night, the moon shed silver light all over the plants on the balcony. Being treated coldly, Consuela couldn't help but get in the bed.

Richie liked to occupy the middle when he slept, and Consuela followed him to sleep on the edge of the bed.

Dissatisfied with the distance, Richie frowned and pulled her into his arms. He snorted as if he was in a good mood.

Unable to break free from Richie, Consuela opened her mouth and said in a low voice, "You have a sharp pain in your hand, don't you?"

Now her arms were firmly g

ures had been blurred under the pressure of the PR Department of Sruthan Group.

It was hard to tell who they were.

As she squeezed out of the encirclement, she suddenly saw a familiar person. She was about to greet her, but that person had disappeared into the crowd.

It was Debbie whom she hadn't seen for a long time.

Why did she rush to the hospital? Besides, it was supposed to be working hours.

She took out her cell phone and surfed on the Internet, finding that she had replied to the message she sent yesterday an hour ago.

Although they hadn't known each other for a long time, both of them had a feeling that they regretted not to have known each other before. So they couldn't express their feelings in words.

After walking out of the hospital for some distance, Consuela began to call Debbie. After a long while, the phone was finally connected.

A clean, attractive male voice flowed out of the microphone. "What's wrong?"

This sudden question shocked Consuela. She looked at the caller's name and was more confused after she confirmed that it was Debbie. What was the situation now?

It seemed that the stranger was unsatisfied that she didn't answer his call. "You want her. Call her later."

Without waiting for her response, he hung up the phone.

The ringtone was busy, so Consuela had to put down her phone.

It seemed that Debbie came to the hospital to visit her friend, but which friend she was visiting needed to be studied.

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