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   Chapter 59 Staying With Each Other Day And Night In The Hospital (3)

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Richie seemed to be in a good mood the whole day. As his employee, she could feel that most.

It was the man who was always serious enough to make her want to make a new head for him.

When he said that although there was a flaw, it was all right, everyone in the video conference was dumbfounded for more than ten seconds.

Was he possessed by a ghost? Richie was a man who had always been emphasizing perfection. And this time, he easily let their design concept pass.

"Anything else?" As he spoke, his voice was as cold and thin as ever, filled with a faint twilight glow.

Consuela stood on the balcony, watering a pot of green plants. The dim sunlight spread all over her. She held the kettle with a bright smile on her face, more attentive than the time she treated him.

As soon as this idea appeared, it was interrupted by a person at the other end of the line. It was a long report.

After pouring water into the green plants, she turned around and closed her eyes again. She could only see half of his serious face. His eyebrows knitted into a frown and his face darkened with displeasure.

He must be having a meeting. Even if he was sick, he was busy all the time except teasing her occasionally.

For him, money was endless. The more he earned, the better.

When she grinned and tried to look away, the man seemed to have noticed something. He suddenly looked up. The other half of the hidden face in the dark was also immersed in the sun.

The man with delicate facial features slowly extended his eyebrows, his lips slightly curling without a word.

Obvious seduction.

The girl, however, was not ambitious at all. She smiled in embarrassment, turned around quickly, pretended to be busy. In addition, she was caught peeping at him, and was seduced with a smile.

She really did not have any resistance of the handsome man, and she always kept a state of admiration for all the beautiful things.

Even if she knew the bad nature of that person, she couldn't do anything to him. Well, she also dared not.

At dusk, Emily brought some clean clothes to the hospital for Consuela. Richie explained stoutly, "I still need someone to serve me pe

rned her head to look at the hand resting on her shoulder. There was a wry smile on her face.

Cassie had no idea that the relationship between Richie and her was nothing more than friendship.

One day, she would cry in the future.

While they were chatting, Richie went to the bathroom to take a brief shower. After he was rejected by Consuela, he hired a nursing worker.

Cassie sat beside her on a stool and asked, "How did you get this big ice bar in human shape?"

Well, how could he be taken down? Maybe they were directly drugged... And the relationship between her and that man was not what she imagined.

Consuela didn't want to tell her the truth, so she told her, "Don't abandon. Don't give up. Let him know your advantages and benefits then let him know the chance that you hit it."

"You still have to have several great skills, such as grasping his stomach."

Then there was spiritual chicken soup and voice transmission.

Cassie nodded and listened carefully. It was not until she left that she realized what she said was nonsense and didn't give her a piece of advice.

"You are such a good talker. What a waste of your talent if you don't do the advertisement business," the man said with a sneer.

Frowning, Consuela turned her head to one side and asked, "I wanted to do that, but are you going to release me?"

"No," Richie simply answered.

Consuela rolled her eyes at him. She knew the nature of the man.

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