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   Chapter 58 A Day And Night In The Hospital (2)

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Feeling he was more approachable, Consuela teased him with a smile, "Why are you so angry?"

Richie glared at her, but said nothing.

The woman closed the door, with a luxuriously packaged bag in her hand. She carefully took out the porridge from the bag.

She fixed everything for him and waited for him to drink.

His eyes darkened. He forced a smile and said, "My hand hurts. You feed me."

The man leaned his head back a little, his beautiful eyes gleaming. Since he said so frankly, Consuela was stunned for a while.

She had been with him for so many hours, but she still didn't find he had this symptom. He always got out of bed and took things at one go.

She knew this man wanted to order her to do things, but she was too furious to say anything about it. Even if he wanted to eat shit now, she would not stop him.

She was always so sweet.

With a sigh, Consuela stirred the porridge with a spoon. She had never fed anyone before, and she was not good at feeding.

But it was not difficult to see that she had been very clumsy and careful all the time.

Just like feeding a child, the woman fed the man with a mischievous smile on her face, "Oh, open your mouth."

Wasn't he a naughty boy who made trouble when he didn't get his attention?

Nobody had ever told her what kind of illness had happened to him, so she had always simplified his condition into the least.

She shouldn't sympathize with this fickle man, otherwise she wouldn't know what would happen to her in the end.

Richie laughed. He ate the porridge obediently. The taste was light, like a mixture of sugar.

It was not oily at all. It got the point. His stomach, which was fastidious by Nancy, at this moment did not feel bored.

At noon, Wendy came to visit Richie with a big bag of things. The lady looked at her son's pale face and suddenly her eyes became red.

She was blaming him for his faults. "I told you to be busy every day. Now you can have a day off," she teased.

"No, I don't think so," said Richie, breaking her fantasy with a simple cough.

Right after he stopped coughing, a glass of water was handed over to hi

The man bent his long leg and stood in front of her, blocking her way. He seemed to have lost in his fragrance of mint, which could be smelled everywhere.

Richie, as a pervert, pretended to have a problem with his hands and asked Consuela to help him use the toilet.

His teasing made her blush. Unable to maintain her composure any longer, she said in a serious voice, "The nursing worker is more professional than I at this point. You'll make it quick."

The words were so weird. She didn't know what she was talking about, but she couldn't figure out the man's expression.

"If you dare to call a nursing worker to help me, you will be dead meat." The man leaned back against the wall and said slowly.

Burning with rage, Consuela lowered her head and stole a glance at his long leg which was resting on the ground. She then said while clenching her fists, "Let me help you get inside, okay?"

However, she didn't expect that Richie could be so mean to her. He brushed his thick eyelashes and smiled with white teeth. "My hand hurts."

"You are so shameless!"

With a hollow smile, Consuela helped the man walk into the bathroom. Then she helped him unfasten his loose trousers. Lowering her head, she could also feel the vigorous heat.

The whole process could only be described with two words "the embarrassment", endless embarrassment.

If she was bold enough, she would definitely break his third leg.

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