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   Chapter 57 A Day And Night In The Hospital (Part one)

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Consuela was woken up by the man. Not long after she just fell asleep, the man dragged his body and got out of the bed again. He just wanted to wake her up.

"Can you just be quiet?" Frowning, Consuela asked in a teasing tone.

Richie looked at the remorseful expression on her face, and asked coldly, "Is this your attitude towards your benefactor?"

Upon hearing this, Consuela felt upset and supported Richie to sit down on the chair aside. She said with a slight smile, "What else do you need me to do?"

With one hand supporting his chin, the man answered coldly, "Go and bring the things on the empty chair."

Give her a good face, and she would be on cloud line.

When she saw the things on the chair, she suddenly turned her head to look at the man, who slightly furrowed his eyebrows. He wasn't that scary as she had thought.

Maybe he just didn't want her to go to sleep, starving. Or he loved the baby in her belly and wanted it to be happy.

The reason didn't matter at all, as long as he didn't do anything harmful to her.

Holding the food container in her hand, Consuela silently pushed a small table in front of the man and opened it quickly. A moment later, the ward was filled with the rich smell of the dishes.

The smell of the dishes liked a hook, making her unable to resist the temptation anymore. She swallowed uncomfortably, looked up and began to talk about what had happened yesterday.

"I'm sorry. I asked you something I shouldn't ask that day. I won't ask you again."

There was an old saying that if the wrong person apologized at a dinner party, he or she would be easily accepted.

When he saw how much she wanted to eat, he felt bad, but only for a second.

"Nothing. Let's eat." "I have always been magnanimous," Richie added, even though his face was pale and his heart was calm

She lowered her head, not daring to say anything else to defend herself. Her fists clenched as she lowered her head. She said to herself in her heart that if he was generous, then there would be no narrow-minded people in this world.

The two didn't know each other's thoughts. During the meal, the atmosphere was harmonious and loved.

After she helped Richie sit on the bed, she

How easily deceived she was!

"I thought he wouldn't refuse to drink it. It turns out I was wrong." The woman in the office supported her head with her hand, looking disappointed.

It seemed that she had remembered from the very beginning that Richie couldn't drink the soup, but she had deliberately forgotten it.

Consuela twitched her mouth, but Cassie didn't seem to care. She received the lunch box without a second thought and handed her the note on the desk.

"Well, now he can only have a little liquid food for nourishing the stomach. The porridge in the restaurant is very good, with your man's name on it, you can have a 20% discount..."

"Thank you very much." Consuela nodded and left with a flushed face. She was irritated by what Cassie said.

"Are you blushing now?" She closed the office door, preventing the woman from making fun of her.

When Consuela was about to make a call, it struck her that she had no idea of what kind of porridge he liked.

There was no such a rule on the Secretary List.

She entered Cassie's office, making her laugh. Then she ordered the breakfast.

When she walked into the ward, the man didn't even look up. He asked directly, "What mountains and forests have you been to?"

Why did it take so long?

The location of HR Hospital was very good. In front of it was a food street in the business area, with a variety of restaurants and so on.

Where did she go to order the food? It took more than half an hour.

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