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   Chapter 55 The Sick Man (4)

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And Laura continued to shout. When she was about to catch Consuela's shoulder, Tim deliberately coughed.

"Did you do this for me?" Richie said in a neither too cold nor too hot voice, and managed to walk into the corridor.

When these words came down without any fluctuations, which was like a thunder came down to the ground, and both of them turned their heads.

Looking at the tears in her eyes, Richie furrowed his eyebrows. 'She's as ugly as a toad, ' he remarked in his mind.

Laura tried to pull his sleeve, "Richie, listen to me..."

She was about to reach out her hand, but was stopped by Tim, who was cheeky grinning aside. He lowered his head and said apologetically, "It's all for work. Please forgive me."

If he don't stop her, he would be sent to Africa to be the senior executives of charity enterprises.

Just looking at the fierceness in Richie's eyes, he knew that the man had really got angry again.

And Laura, the female peacock that had always been proud and arrogant would suffer.

Unable to shake off his hand or push him away, Laura could only watch Richie walking towards the woman who was sitting quite still.

Why? Why did everyone help her? Even Richie, who didn't like meddling in women's affairs, began to take sides with her.

Was it because she was the so-called real wife?

But who could know how long she would be the mistress of the Ye Clan? She would be forced to change.

Right then, Consuela felt like she had been stabbed with two blades, one of which flew out of Laura's body, and the other one was from the man in front of her.

She opened her mouth, and finally asked hesitantly, "Are you all right?"

Her stupid question made the angry man burst into laughter.

How could he be so eager to arrest her and beat her to death?

Regardless of her panic, Richie pulled her up and leaned most of his body against her, whispering in her ear.

"Let me save your face."

His casual words made Consuela's heart ripple as if her whole world was turned upside down.


idn't come until I finished an operation."

She looked him up and down and heaved a sigh of relief. "But it doesn't matter. You haven't had dinner, right? How about having together?"

She was talking to herself all the time, and the man also ignored her. He just looked at the door of the ward in a trance.

"They are a happy couple. Let's not be the third wheel." She pushed Tim out. "Let me take you to eat something delicious."

Waving his hands, Tim stroked his ears, trying his best to push her away. He asked in an impatient tone, "Why are you so annoying?"

He said it out frankly without any disguise.

Every time he appeared, the woman would try to go around him. He didn't know what he attracted her.

After a while, Cassie said slowly, "Do you know you hurt my heart?"

She chased after him without making any response, and he would only dislike her. She really couldn't guarantee that she would not fall in love with a playboy.

Tim sneered coldly.

He almost made her speechless, but she didn't directly leave with a cold face, and was used to it. "I just like the feeling of losing something."

After taking off the white gown, Cassie pushed him out of the hospital and went straight to the good place.

"Are you disembodied like a psychopath?" Tim asked thoughtfully.

Only the woman's crisp laughter responded to him.

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