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   Chapter 54 The Sick Man (3)

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Consuela sighed and stood up. She wanted to go downstairs and buy some food to fill her stomach. She handed to the pocket, empty and terrible.

She didn't bring the money, nor did she bring her cell phone. How poor she was!What a loser!

Eventually, she had to resign herself to her fate and sat back in the plastic chair. She had been waiting for the mercy from the one inside to remember her being alone outside.

However, the odds were very small.

She pouted and felt helpless. When would such a day come to an end.

The man in the ward had been annoyed by the noisy woman, and he almost reached out his hand to hit the woman.

All of a sudden, the door was opened from the inside. She raised her head and saw Tim who didn't look very well. A meaningful light flashed in her eyes.

"Richie, what would you like to eat? I can bring it to you tomorrow. Tell me, what else do you need?" Laura put away her usual arrogance, and it was easy for her to ask a lot of questions.

She sat beside the bed in a chair. Her manner was no longer arrogant, just like a goddess getting off the altar of God, which would make people feel worried for no reason.

Richie gave a light cough, and the impatience in his heart was about to break through at the top. "Whatever. Now go back. It's too late," he controlled his temper and said.

But what he gained was a smile of the woman. She replied happily, "I can keep watch at night for you, as long as I can accompany you."

Hearing this, the corners of Tim's mouth twitched. Turning his head, he sat down and reached out to pour himself a glass of water, ignoring the help from Richie.

What a good show! His real wife was outside while his ex-girlfriend was by his side.

He couldn't help but think of a face. He shook his head and shook off the image in his head. Then the woman was also sent away by Richie.

He didn't look good. It seemed that he said something bad. However, it was none of his business.

"Why are you here?" Richie rubbed between his eyebrows and opened his eyes again. His thin eyes were blurred

nk you don't deserve him because you are such a loser?" Laura was more aggressive than before.

Now, Consuela had kept her head down silently, like a homeless pet hiding under the eaves before the heavy rain.

She felt helpless but disgusted at the same time.

"Is it because you sent the pictures yourself and pretended to be the victim to deceive Richie's sympathy, then forced him to marry you?" She suddenly thought of something and asked loudly.

Tim, who was standing not far behind them, shivered. All of a sudden, the imposing manner of his boss increased sharply. Under the great pressure, he was like standing in the ice naked.

He yelled in despair, 'Miss. Laura, please shut your mouth up, please!'

Richie thinned his lips into a grim line, and fixed his eyes on his wife. And Laura's shouts and shrieks were like soundtrack, which rang repeatedly.

It was the second time that Richie felt that Consuela was so fragile that he wanted to destroy it.

In addition to saying something back, most of the time she spent with her head down, which created a sense of restlessness.

Well, he really didn't know that the woman with the title of the Ye Clan's mistress could be bullied outside.

'Is it because she doesn't take the Ye Clan seriously, or she doesn't want to be connected with it at all?'

He curled his lips and his eyes were full of red light.

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