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   Chapter 53 The Sick Man (2)

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The waiting time was excruciating. When everyone in the ward talked to him for a few words, the sky became darker and darker. The mist had been shrouded in the sky.

There were not many stars in the sky, one after another.

Consuela leaned against the back of the chair. Casually, she raised her head and looked at the sky through the glass window. In her dark brown eyes, it was very quiet.

She had nothing to do with the man's sudden faint. At least that was what she thought. But he let her leave in public.

Perhaps he just wanted everyone to know that the mistress of the Ye Clan, who had already been registered, was just like a decoration.

What a selfish man! He always had her at his beck and call.

"You don't seem close?" Cassie came out from the elevator with an ointment in her hand, turned to look at the ward and asked straightforwardly.

Consuela's body went stiff. After a while, she nodded in relief. The relationship between them was so bad that it wasn't hard to describe.

"TSK, TSK. That man always put on a long face. But actually, he is nice." Cassie said in a low voice as she was playing friendship cards for him.

Nice? The corners of her mouth twitched.

They had lived together for a long time, but she still hadn't discovered that he was a good guy. He was so good at hiding his good points.

Cassie opened the bottle of green ointment, squeezed out some, and wiped it on Consuela's face in a gentle and skilled way. It wouldn't make her feel pain.

A very cool fragrance of mint, just like the smell often left by Richie.

Inexplicably, she blurted out, "Does Richie like the taste of mint very much?"

He seemed to be associated with the fragrance of mint. The villa was full of peppermint shower gel, peppermint shampoo, peppermint perfume, and so on.

Cassie replied quickly, "I remember that he liked the taste of green lemon before. It seems that he has changed his habits now."

She answered in a casual way and didn't take it to heart.

After getting the answer she wanted, Consuela suddenly realized that his habits were all changed only because of the mixed blood girl.

It should be because he loved her so much that he le

the more hungry she was.

When Tim finished working and arrived at the hospital, she was at her hungriest. The man stopped on the way, when he passed her.

Her face was swollen, her eyes red, with traces of tears that were not completely dried. She was supposed to be cherished in the palm of his hands, but at this moment she was so dejected.

Raising her head, Consuela gave him an embarrassed smile. She covered her belly with both hands to stop the tears from rushing out.

She knew how ugly she was even without looking in the mirror. How long had it been since the last time she was in such a mess? She almost forgot.

Tim concealed the sudden heartache rising from the bottom of his heart and nodded politely to her. His eyes were slightly cold when he looked at the door of the ward.

Instead of knocking at the door, he pushed it open. It was not locked. Consuela wanted to see what was going on inside, but the man seemed to be prepared. He banged the door heavily.

The crisp way he shut the door was hard for her to image. She was also a little speechless and resentful.

Sure enough, as long as he saw Richie's attitude, no matter who he was, he would have a little estrangement from her.

In the long corridor with heating on, she suddenly felt a little cold, which was emitted from her bones and unable to disperse.

She had been sitting here like a joke to show weakness.

A pregnant woman who was pregnant but not welcomed.

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