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   Chapter 50 The Past

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The man's strength of his hand suddenly increased, and she let out a soft cry between her lips and teeth, like a weak little beast admitted defeat.

"Tell me, where did you go today?" With a heavy redness at the end of his eye, Richie looked down at her, terrifying.

Consuela didn't think she had done anything wrong. She was about to explain but then an idea occurred to her. "It's so boring here. I just go out for a walk."

She said it frankly and looked straight into his eyes without any scruple. She had thought about thousands of kinds of his answers.

But she didn't expect that the man, who was full of confidence a second ago, suddenly loosened his grip on her and fell backward.

It was like a picture showing in a cartoon, which was so lively that she felt her heart was lifted up.

She tried to hold him in panic, but failed.

Consuela didn't remember how she made a phone call to the hospital. When she came back to her senses, she was already in the ambulance.

Neither Nancy nor Emily was in the villa. She wondered if Richie had given them a day off, so there was no helper at the moment.

A doctor sat opposite them with an indifferent look on his face. After giving Richie a simple oxygen inhalation, he left to watch.

She saw the man lying on the stretcher, pale faced, his eyelashes trembling. At this moment, he had got rid of all his domineering demeanor, only fragile ones.

Consuela pursed her lips and didn't want to look at him anymore.

In her eyes, this man should not be like this.

Looking at the car approaching the gate of HR Hospital, Consuela let out a bitter smile. 'What a coincidence! It's my second visit here today, ' she thought.

As soon as Richie was sent to the gate of the hospital, Cassie in the white coat arrived. She spent extra hours on a nonstop operation. She looked exhausted.

"Take the patient upstairs and let Dr. King do it himself," Cassie ordered.

When Cassie turned her head to look at Consuela, a mixed feeling set in her heart. She shouldn't have


The sudden change in Cassie's attitude confused Consuela. She was not so easy to be fooled around.

Cassie was walking ahead without knowing what was on Consuela's mind. Suddenly, she found that Consuela didn't follow her. She turned back and asked, "What's wrong?"

Was she scared silly by her domineering manner?

"It doesn't matter." Consuela shook her head immediately.

She followed her and tried to recollect the man who had a morbid mentality. So she turned around and asked the so-called authority, "Why did Richie suddenly pass out?"

Without any signs, he fell down suddenly, which made her doubt that there was a killer hidden in the villa like those in the TV series.

He got a fatal blow when he was off guard. But he didn't find any tiny wound. So she had to give up.

Cassie ignored her question and changed the topic, "The effect of anesthesia should be fading away. He should be awake if you go to him now."

"I called his family just now and told them. They would arrive soon."

Consuela nodded and followed after her. When she heard the doctor say that he was about to wake up, she was distracted, not paying attention to her answer at all.

Without being noticed by Consuela, Cassie reluctantly took a deep breath.

She took off her blue hat and began to take off her scalpel, revealing the cool white T-shirt inside.

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