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   Chapter 49 Things About The Past

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The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. There must be someone hiding in his heart, and maybe she would look like her.

Therefore, in order to satisfy his abnormal psychology, he kept the copy of her by his side.

Such a story could best explain why a man like Richie would marry her.

However, it was not a good idea to think too much.

When she arrived at HR Hospital, she was not allowed to see Cassie because she had no appointment. So she had to look for the photo of the woman on the forum of the hospital hall to find her phone number.

Soon after she sat down in the hall, she was invited to the top floor specially set up by the hospital. Looking at her, Cassie raised her eyebrows, "I didn't expect that you would come to see me alone."

She said so, as if she was recalling the day when she and Richie left lightly.

She didn't expect that she would come to her. She just didn't expect that she would come alone.

Richie went mad. He was a man who would not be ambiguous about fighting with a cattle.

"I just want to ask you about the matter that happened three years ago. I'll leave as soon as I finish," Consuela added.

She came all the way here to delay the work of the girl. To be honest, she would feel a little sorry for her.

"You find a place to sit and I'll get you something to drink," after a pause, Cassie continued, "As a famous doctor in the hospital, I don't take care of many patients."

She was like the spokesperson of HR Hospital. Only the kind of illness that nobody could solve in the end would ask her for help.

Or, when she was interested in something, she would go down to the ward and have a look for a few times.

Consuela didn't know much about the things. She nodded blankly, watching as Cassie poured her a glass of milk with a rock candy.

After taking over the milk she thanked her, and sat down in the office. Listening to the sound of pulling the table and chair, Cassie sat opposite her with a cup of strong and mellow Nanshan coffee.

She raised her eyebrows and sank into her memory. Then she smiled and sai


Consuela knew that the patient who was able to get help from Cassie must be a tough one to deal with. "Okay, just focus on your work," she said.

The friendship between women was very strange. Maybe they just fell in love with a bag, argued with each other about which man was the most handsome or wanted to go shopping together like this.

As soon as Consuela closed the door behind her, she was stopped in the middle of the path by someone. She turned around and saw the furious man approaching.

Her heart jolted. Did he go crazy again?

She stretched out her hand, trying to push him away. But her hand was easily clamped upward by one of his hands. She was forced to raise her chin, "Where did you go in the daylight?"

If Emily hadn't called him and told him about it, he wouldn't have known that Consuela had left the villa and been staying outside until now.

He called her several times, but she didn't answer the phone. At last, she even turned off her phone.

'She's really getting out of my control. Does she have to ride roughshod over me?'

Maybe it was because she was so stubborn that he immediately forgot the inexplicable worry in his heart.

Now he just wanted her to know how capable he was.

The smell of tobacco and the faint mint fragrance wafted from his body. It was a kind of unpredictable freshness. Consuela couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows.

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