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   Chapter 48 The Baseline Of Three Years Ago (5)

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She couldn't afford to offend this man, and even in such a humiliating situation, she didn't dare to act on impulse.

She had cried too often that she had lost the strength to hold back her tears.

The oxygen became more thin. When she was about to die of oxygen deficiency, the man raised his head from her body slightly gasping and his eyes were replaced by strong lust.

He lifted the corners of his mouth and said, "If you want to know more about my past, I don't mind doing something right here."

He looked at her with evil and disgusting eyes. The madness in his eyes was shocking.

"Don't you know the baby in my belly?" she whispered, hoping to wake him up.

"The baby? Consuela, how precious do you think your baby is?" Richie sneered.

"You bastard."

At this moment, Consuela realized that if she wanted to be a thoughtful bosom sister, her baby might be the price.

She had never fully understood how terrible this man was, and he actually didn't care about the baby at all.

He generously answered, "You still can't escape the bastard's control."

But in the next second he fell into deep thought. He frowned deeply.

While he was pondering on something, Consuela pushed him away and ran away with a glass of water.

She couldn't afford to provoke him, but she could always avoid him.

However, she did not see the man behind her suddenly sighed long breath. His eyes were blank and helpless, as if he had removed all the lead to reflect himself.

The woman ran to the guest room and locked the door. She didn't hold the tea cup tightly and the light cyan tea cup fell into pieces.

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in her belly, and she weakly slid down the floor against the door.

Today, she was jogging around and the baby finally began to give her dissatisfaction.

Tears came down again when she touched her belly. She was caught off guard.

Now her only way out was to keep the baby in her womb. But if she didn't get smart enough, that man might destroy it.

Fear, like a seed, once buried deep in her heart, w

o was still fighting with her food. He didn't change his face and left.

He didn't ask her to go to work with him, but he never refused her again.

He was so unrestrained. His black wind coat was blowing backward with the wind, which made him look like a model.

Consuela savored the food and pondered hard on how to deal with this man. A night had passed and he looked like a decent man now, but she still couldn't let it go.

Now she was confused. She wondered what had happened three years ago.

She wondered how unacceptable it was and why the man got angry as soon as it was mentioned.

And now she really didn't know how to face Richie. What could she do if she went back to the company?

Suddenly, a thought flashed in her mind. She remembered the famous young doctor yesterday.

They had a good conversation yesterday, so perhaps she could know something from her.

Even if she didn't want to tell him, she could go out for a walk. Hiding in a villa and feeling depressed had a bad impact on the baby's development.

Besides, Richie didn't say that she could only stay in the villa.

After making up her mind, Consuela ate her breakfast quickly. After telling Emily about that, she rejected Emily's request for taking care of her and left for HR Hospital.

Being involved in such an incident, she always had doubts and looked for any possibilities.

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