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   Chapter 47 Three Years Ago The Baseline

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The man's face was gloomy and cold, and his voice was hoarse and somewhat impatient.

She didn't dare to look him in the eye, but she could feel his intense gaze boring into her body.

He walked straight to the villa in a thin shirt on the late autumn day.

But he didn't seem to feel cold, and his figure was straight.

Richie was now in the most terrible time, because she had no idea whether he would turn over in the next second.

And she wouldn't be able to fight back if he turned his back on her.

She trotted beside him and looked up only to see the bruise at the corner of his mouth, which was slightly pink. It was beaten like that.

"I'll go and bring you the clothes." Consuela stopped following after him, turned around and left without hesitation.

She had to admit that she was a little scared. The feeling from the bottom of her heart was so strong that she could not ignore it.

She either hated him or was afraid of him.

Looking at the anxious woman, Richie darkened his face. He ignored her and left directly.

As if there was no one in the world who could get his wait.

On the other hand, Consuela had been watching him since she ran away. She didn't open the car door and take out his coat until she saw him enter the villa.

The night fell, and the street lights were on. Their white car seemed to be coated with a warm light.

Consuela leaned against the car and sighed. The lights in the villa were on, washing the darkness.

But that man was a time bomb. No one knew when he would find fault with you.

However, she had to show her kindness to him. When someone was sad, it was others who took advantage of the opportunity to approach the most suitable time.

No matter how scared she was, she couldn't waste this rare opportunity.

Richie, who she had thought to be powerful, was defeated by the love story occurred three years ago.

Consuela let out a long and turbid breath and grabbed her clothes to take a gulp of spiritual chicken soup at once.

Entering the villa, she deliberately slowed do

at a mad man!

The man put one hand on the side of the sofa and touched her fair and small face with his other hand, then drew her eyes and her lips.

Trembling, Consuela was afraid that the man's face would change the color the next moment.

"Who do you think you are? It's none of your business. Aren't you afraid of me? Why do you pretend to be righteous?"

The man's magnetic and hoarse voice rang over her head, as if to shatter her last hope.

Consuela's face went pale. She could feel the erection in the lower part of his body. It was burning hot to touch her skin.

Richie was always a beast in her eyes.

She clenched her teeth, turned around and opened her eyes, then directly met Richie's dark eyes. Before she could think of anything, Richie had already bowed his head.

"You asked for it yourself." His words made sense without any guilt.

The woman opened her eyes and wanted to refute, but was frightened by the sudden kiss.

In fact, Richie was not kissing her. He just bit, ignoring her will. He used his lips and tongue to describe the taste of her again and again.

'This bastard is worse than a beast.'

After being bitten, she took a deep breath because of the pain. When their lips met, their mouths were mixed with a slight metallic taste.

Startled, Consuela had no choice but to surrender. She didn't dare to bite the man back.

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