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   Chapter 46 The Baseline Of Three Years Ago (3)

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Both of them were sitting in the backseat with a depressing atmosphere, like during dinner, neither of them was willing to break the silence.

The reason why he looked so terrible must be the thing that Cassie mentioned.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Tim and he had different reactions. Although she did not care, she still observed carefully.

The incident happened three years ago might be a bottom line for him. He would explode at any time.

Shaking her head, Consuela didn't think too much anymore. She knew that knowing more information wasn't good for her health.

She took out a four-dimensional color ultrasound picture of her baby from her pocket. Leaning against the car window, she looked at the picture with a frown.

No one could stand such a dark atmosphere.

She had a hunch that the man sitting next to her might jump out of the car from the window the next second.

It was normal for her to be frightened.

The man with a darkened face was lost in thought. His eyes were glaring with fury as he tried to drive as fast as he could.

She opened her mouth to break the silence, but when she saw the well wrapped wound beside his slanted eye, she had a thought of retreating.

The woman frowned and worried, with the color ultrasound picture printed in the hospital in her hand. Then Richie asked in a cold voice, "How is the child?" He took a sharp turn, passed a car that blocked his way, and the person next to him leaned to the side out of instinct.

After a long pause, the man's question confused Consuela. She tried to be patient, but to no avail.

She stared at the paper in her hand and replied, "I didn't smoke. I just drank a little wine, which didn't have much impact on my body. The baby is very healthy."

The doctor also said that the baby had been taking shape.It could have a clear image when it showed.

Consuela planned to show Richie about the baby's picture after she went back to the villa. He shouldn't be distracted by driving now.

Obviously, he didn't pay much attention to th

hie didn't answer her, so she stood beside him and looked at him smoking. She took a deep breath and exhaled the smoke.

This was the most harmful way to smoke. He repeated this action, repeating about half a pack of cigarettes

"How long do you want to smoke?" Frowning, Consuela asked in a stern voice.

Her face flushed red because of the cold wind. She had a pair of bright eyes, which made her look helpless and disappointed.

"Don't look at me like that," Richie said with a twist of his mouth.

He was afraid that he would lose control and destroy her.

The look in his eyes was so intimidating that Consuela couldn't help but shiver. She took a few steps back, closed her mouth and remained silent.

The man was in a bad mood and stubbed out the cigarette. He passed her and directly walked towards the villa. His thin figure was not invincible.

After being stunned for a few seconds, Consuela ran up to him and asked anxiously, "Are you okay? Are you sure you want to park here? Is it OK to put the car here? "

Although she didn't know the brand, she knew that Richie would never drive a cheap car to go out. Rich people always liked to show off.

But now he directly parked his car on the roadside. Didn't he fear of thieves?

"The tire is broken. I have someone fix it," Richie answered impatiently. He was fed up with her non-stop inquiries.

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