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   Chapter 45 The Baseline Of Three Years Ago (2)

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Consuela was stunned by the amount of food in her bowl.

She couldn't help but laugh. It was true that time changes. She pretended to be considerate to him at the Ye's house while he turned his back to the other side.

Although she was suspected, she didn't have a strong aversion. She ate the food served by the man, and occasionally continued the topic of Cassie.

"How old is your child?" She took a sip of the mellow wine.

In a daze, Consuela lowered her head and touched her belly. Just as she was about to answer, the man in black spoke for her.

She could only see the meaningful look in Cassie's eyes. She smiled and thought that it was the Ye Clan's kid, and from that time on, he should feel that she was humiliated.

It was not strange for him to remember the date of their gathering. Consuela turned to look at the man, and his eyes darkened.

"What do you want to eat?"

Consuela shook her head, gesturing for him to stop asking.

The tense atmosphere was almost turned into a relaxing one, but Cassie's words dropped to the zero.

She drank a little wine on the table and said with a big tongue, "Why can't you set your mind at rest? Now that your wife is pregnant and you have a baby, the thing happened three years ago was just an accident..."

Before she finished speaking, her mouth was stuffed with a chicken drumstick by Tim. The man drank it coldly. "Even food can't stop your mouth."

The woman who had been meditated finally realized that she had said something wrong. Looking at Richie's darkened face, she decided to keep silent.

The feeling was different when she was chewing the chicken drumsticks given by Tim.

Tim looked up at the man's face, giving up the intention to be the cannon fodder, and silently finished eating. His face was still painful.

Consuela, the only person who didn't know what was going on, looked at the three of them from head to toe. They didn't talk to each other, which made her feel much more at ease.

It was her who ate most during the meal.

She had eaten almost all of the food by herself. She attributed this to the pregnant woman's physical conditions, and would have to eat a lot of tonic food, so

burst into laughter. "If I lose my face, then prove myself and make myself more powerful."

He said it in a relaxing and careless way. Cassie bit her lower lip and remained silent. When she looked up again, that man waved to get a taxi.

When the door was half opened, he remembered that there was a woman who had taken off her white coat and was beautiful.

He said in an apologetic tone, "You can take a taxi to the hospital. See you next time."

Before the man got in the taxi and found an excuse to take a ride on the same road, he threw a bill to the driver and said, "Please hurry up. That's my ex-wife. She wants to divide my property."

The driver accepted the money with a big smile on his dark face. He drove fast on the asphalt road, and kept saying, "You are not fortunate, such a beautiful girl."

Tim joked with the driver, "My face was scratched by her. I was just discharged from the hospital and blocked the road. She wanted to beat me."

The lie was so convincing that the driver directly believed it.

When she saw the car driving away, she shrugged her shoulders indifferently. She was so cozy that she almost whistled. Walking on her high heels, she suddenly sneezed.

She raised her hand to wipe her nose, while her eyes were filled with unhappiness. It was always like this. As long as they got along alone or got close to each other, that person would immediately change his face.

It's so hard for her not to get used to it.

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