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   Chapter 44 The Hidden Line Three Years Ago (Part one)

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The man looked down, erratic, but he couldn't find the thin figure.

Cassie was shocked by his question. She thought, 'Does he ask me to have a pregnancy test for a woman I have never heard of?

What was wrong with him? Why did he care so much about other people's business?

Or, Cassie was shocked by the fantasy in her mind. She said without hesitation, "Wait a moment. I'll ask someone downstairs."

After sending out someone to do the investigation, she couldn't help but being curious when she saw the calm look on the man's face. She asked curiously, "Who's that Consuela?"

Richie seemed to be in a better mood. He didn't directly answer her question, but said ambiguously, "Whatever you think who she is."

The answer was so imaginative that the gossip in Cassie's heart began to burn. She asked, "Can you just give me an exact answer? It's hard to guess."

Annoyed by her crazy questions, Richie said with a cold face, "Wife."

Tim fell on the bed, laughing, when he heard what Richie said. He pressed his belly as if the pain was gone.

"When did you get married?" Cassie exclaimed as if she had found a new continent. Her almond eyes widened and her pink lips were closed due to surprise.

She couldn't believe that Richie had a wife. What was wrong with this world?

In the past, she had thought that among the people she knew, Richie was the most likely one who didn't get married or got married very late. However, he got married silently.

Listen to what he just said: Check whether his wife had a pregnancy test. It was especially true that he had been a father!

Cassie was shocked and confused. The man she knew had never been back.

"What's your opinion?" asked Richie, raising his eyebrows. His face was still covered with the ointment, looking not as charming as usual.

His face was flat and funny with the ointment and bandage on.

Cassie laughed out loudly. Meanwhile, someone came up to inform the pregnant woman, whose name was Consue

smile on her face.

"You two are so mean to get married. Why don't you invite me to your wedding?"

Consuela didn't know her that well, so she didn't know how to answer. Luckily, Richie didn't plan to embarrass her this time. He said flatly, "It's my treat this time."

After getting the answer, she asked Consuela, "How did you know each other? How long have you been in love with each other?"

Consuela got over the shock and decided to tell her the story of fooling people in the Ye's house. With a friendly hug, Cassie shook her head.

Since she had the courage to pursue the man she liked, she was always the most eye-catching one.

They got on the limousine at the same time. The hospital was not far from the Chinese restaurant named Drunk Pavilion. There was a traffic jam, but it only took less than half an hour.

After the three of them finished ordering their lunch, only the girls chatted happily with each other. But the boys' faces were covered with blood, which were ignored by the rest.

When the dishes were served, Richie purposely picked more food for Consuela. As soon as the food was served, Cassie, who was sitting next to Tim, kicked him and said, "Can't you learn from him?"

The innocent victim didn't respond, but lowered his head to eat without a word.

Let her drive herself crazy.

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