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   Chapter 42 Muddleheaded And Dizzy Day (4)

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The other day, Laura, who was restless, drove herself to Sruthan Building early in the morning. She had to ask Richie clearly no matter what.

Mrs. Ye would not lie to her. After all, she was the one who had been leading the two of them. Unexpectedly, Consuela interrupted in the halfway.

Laura clenched her teeth in anger. She couldn't understand why there was a woman in this world who was especially attractive to him. That woman was not even worth the attention of a male prostitute.

She arrived at the company before the man. Ignoring everyone's dissuasion, she went upstairs directly and looked coldly at the reception desk who called to inform him.

She wanted to see how heartless the man was.

Not long after she sat down on the leather sofa, the door was opened. She opened her bleary eyes and looked towards the door.

With an unpredictable smile, she slammed her hand on the sofa cushion and mocked, "Mr. Richie is really a good player."

He played her like an innocent child, and in the end, he didn't have to bear any charges. She could only blame herself for being stupid.

She leaned her body a little. The clothes she was wearing were loose, thus showing half of her fair and round shoulder, and her delicate clavicle bones.

The shirt was in revealing clothes. The outline of the black skirt revealed the good shape, the long snow-white legs, the pinkish white arms, and the proud chest.

She was a rare beauty, a pet only loved by the rich, but she herself was a member of the wealthy.

It was winter now, but the weather in the south near the sea was not too cold. The room was air-conditioned, so it was a little bit chilly to wear like this.

Laura rubbed her long curly hair with her fingers on purpose. The smile at the corner of her mouth was really unpleasant.

Although he used her, she was the one who was willing to be used. Did she come to blame him?

Since she left the Ye's house yesterday, Richie's mother had exposed her. At th

resh blood stain. When she looked up, her eyes were full of anger and disbelief.

"Get out! Don't let me say it again." The man raised his clean and white fingers and said in a threatening and somewhat angry tone.

At this moment, Laura was finally certain that the information she had obtained was true. With her heart beating fast, she left in spite of her discomfiture.

She smiled with disdain. 'Well, that's his bottom line, ' she thought. After all, Consuela was just a poor woman.

With a smile, she pulled the small wound on her face. The pain was mixed. She couldn't help cursing that selfish and despicable man in her heart.

Then she left with the curious eyes of other people. Her anger, like the wildest fire, didn't disappear at all.

She shouldn't have offended this man. Now she was humiliated by him. She might not be able to take a step further.

Thinking of her relatives in her family, she got a headache.

And the man in the office was still angry. His face gradually grew darker and darker, and gloom gathered in the empty closed space.

Laura touched his bottom line. The acquaintance who knew the incident happened three years ago had never mentioned it in front of him.

But she looked into it and even told it in front of him. She didn't think he would dare to do anything to her.

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