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   Chapter 41 Muddleheaded Life (3)

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"One moment, please. The dinner will be ready soon." Holding the bowl in her hands, Consuela walked towards the kitchen, her face deadpan.

When she saw the inexplicable light in his eyes, she suddenly felt that, in fact, she was easily attracted.

A young man living in an aristocratic family, facing his unidentified relatives, who could not give him his parents' love as they were at a high position, what he needed most was the care of others.

Consuela rolled her eyes at her speculation. But she also realized that her speculation was right.

About half an hour later, the dinner was ready. Richie sat there quietly with one hand propping on the table. He closed his eyes, looking tired.

Besides, he was still wearing a formal suit and a white shirt with no expressions on his face. It was obviously not suitable for him to wear a tie.

When she walked out of the kitchen with the dish in her hands, she was not sure if she should wake the man up or not. But before she could, he had already raised his head to look at her.

He asked in a magnetic, hoarse and unprecedentedly gentle voice, "Is dinner ready?"

"Yes" Stunned, Consuela nodded and filled a bowl of rice for him.

The man didn't take it. He frowned and stood up. When he returned to the table, he had taken out all the leftovers in the kitchen.

It seemed that he suddenly turned into a normal person, which made him feel at home, although he was still dressed in a formal suit.

They sat down. In fact, Consuela didn't wait for him to have dinner. When she was hungry, she ran to the kitchen, had her yogurt and ate some snacks.

She didn't eat much at the moment. The warm food warmed her stomach, and she didn't back off her cooking.

"Wow, I didn't expect that you are such a good cook." The man opposite her suddenly broke the silence and was in a good mood.

Consuela heaved a sigh of relief.

But she pretended to be very modest. "I have learned it for a while."

No one would like arrogant people. She had to be modest and knew herself well. She also had to listen to others.

The man suddenly picked up the empty bowl on the table and filled her

pany. I have to go." Laura hurried to withdraw her hand and hid her emotions with a guilty look on her face.

After that, she left without waiting for an answer.

She couldn't find out that it was her who took the initiative to talk about work with him, and he just pushed the boat with the water.

She can pick herself up thoroughly!

The more she thought about it, the more she was unwilling to give up. In her eyes, that woman was not outstanding at all.

How could a nude picture capture a man's heart? Oh, no! Don't make such a joke!

But she knew that she wouldn't get any benefits if she chased and scolded him right now. So she had to be patient and figure out a solution first.

It was not a big deal for a marriage. It was just a thin piece of paper. Whoever worked hard, who could win.

She wanted to see how that little bitch managed to marry a man like Richie. She had underestimated her before.

Consuela's feeble look was actually the best disguise, which almost fooled people into believing that the main character on the porn photos was a fake one.

Laura smiled. Her lips were covered with scarlet lipstick. The sunglasses were placed on her nose, and her snow-white thin skin was very dazzling under the light.

She was an attractive woman and wasn't afraid of that woman at all.

After all, she had just abandoned him. She wanted to get back together with him, but was refused by him at last.

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