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   Chapter 39 Muddleheaded Life (1)

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The more she read, the more complaints she made.

"A donation can make him a good person? It's really... One hundred million. It's no big deal to have money. " She looked at the price tag and suddenly choked as she was complaining.

In her eyes, Richie had become the spokesperson of niggards. Suddenly, she saw him generosity like a hero. Obviously she didn't believe it, but considered it as a conspiracy.

Consuela was taken aback by his behavior. She couldn't believe that he would be so generous to donate such a large amount of money. If he really did so, then she would have forgiven him for what she had been forced to do.

But he didn't. Instead, he took revenge with all his strength.

He was even more miserly than a woman.

As she pondered over it, she kept scrolling through it. She didn't stop until she saw the P picture posted by the netizens named "Xiaoxi 666".

The phone in her hand suddenly dropped to the ground. The domestic machine was not easy to break, so the screen was still bright. That man's face in the screen faced towards her.

In the photo, Richie was wearing a formal handmade suit, looking like a business elite. His eyes narrowed, as if they were looking at each other.

She felt so terrified that she couldn't help but step back. She moved the quilt and fell down on the bed.

Right then, Consuela's phone rang, reminding her of the new message. Staring at the ceiling with widened eyes, Consuela's mind was in a turmoil.

Who would send her a message now?

She picked up the mobile phone from the floor, unlocked the simple screen lock, and directly saw the small message window. It was from the powerful “devil”, Richie.

With a lingering fear, Consuela clicked on the message. It was simple and concise as if she had just thought of it and typed it out impatiently.

'Just stay in the villa. You don't need to do anything. If you need anything, just call Nancy and Emily.'

Staring at the message on the screen, she poked the screen with her finger. She thought that he was trying to dismiss her as a disabled person.

Although he had gone too far, he was endowed with the ability to do so.

The more she thought about it, the more distressed she felt. She k

n. She just did it.

"Mrs. Consuela, there is a heavy smell of cooking in the kitchen and the cooking smoke is not good for the health of pregnant women. You'd better let me cook for you."

While saying that, Nancy walked towards the table where the main meal was, using her action to express her stand.

Biting her lower lip, Consuela furrowed her eyebrows. She wondered what kind of a person she was, and why she had such a gentle and caring husband. Was it because she had done so many immoral things in the past?

But she couldn't give up. Before the baby was born, she needed to get a good image before she had to accept that man's punishment.

It was difficult to get rid of the image he had known. But if she didn't have a try, she would regret it for a lifetime.

"Nancy, you can rest assured. I guarantee that neither my child nor I will be hurt. Let me cook today. You just have a break, okay?" Consuela said obediently, showing two dimples on her cheeks.

Nancy compressed her lips into a bitter smile. She couldn't offend either Mr. Richie or Mrs. Consuela. It was the hardest choice to choose to stand between them.

"Mrs. Consuela, please don't make things difficult for our servants. If Mr. Richie sees that, no one can bear the responsibility."

Since she had said such words, it would be unreasonable to insist. So Consuela had to soften her tone and said, "Nancy, see how nice Richie is to me. He doesn't allow me to do anything."

Well, what a nice man!

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