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   Chapter 38 The Horrible Man (2)

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The sound of water suddenly stopped, and then the bathroom door was opened, and the man came out in a simple bathrobe, relaxed.

He turned off the lights in the bathroom. There was only one light in the room above her head.

Richie's face softened under the orange light. His dark eyes revealed an unspeakable enchantment in the night.

It was like a flower blooming at night, as it became humble and alienated in the daytime. At night, there was an indescribable taste, and it was blurred.

When he saw the little woman curling up on the bed, his dim eyes were like the blazing candlelight which was almost extinguished by the wind.

Consuela closed her eyes. The other senses became extremely sensitive. She could feel that the soft bed slightly sank in and the man's cold breath blew in.

She could not calm down and her breath was slightly disordered. But the man's eyes were locked on her. The invisible pressure almost made her open her eyes to surrender.

He stared at her as if she was his sworn subordinate who had made a mistake. Startled, Consuela furrowed her eyebrows and opened her soft lips, as if she was in a dream.

He didn't bend down and looked away. He turned off the light, lay down and reached out his hand to the seemingly sleeping woman.

However, Consuela wasn't scared at all. She turned over and covered her face with her hands, as if she was protecting herself from a nightmare.

A nightmare? He thought that he might act as a guest of Consuela in her dream.

He stopped forcing her into his arms. He leaned close to her, smelled her hair and gradually fell asleep.

Getting closer to the man with a low temperature, Consuela felt resentful. She could do nothing but close her eyes and sleep.

The only thing she could do was to submit to the fate. She didn't know how long this kind of life would last, and when she would stop being desperate.

On the table next morning, Richie applied jam on the bread. His long and clean hands were even more brilliant than usual.


out the chair and wore a tie, showing a strong sense of abstinence.

He was a beast in human form and beast heart, bastard.

She went back to the guest room and sat directly on the bed. The bed was next to the window. Sitting there, she could see Richie driving away. She was depressed and closed the window directly.

She took her cellphone out and connected it to the Internet. Seeing the name of Richie in the red and bold font on the screen, she became stunned, about to hack the website.

She really wanted to know what relationship this inhuman man could have with entertainment news.

The title of the news was common, but after three well-known names in L City were added, the news became quite popular.

There were red gossips about Richie, female stars who had shook hands with him, and various women who had lunch together.

At last, they were all spread widely, but because of the artful angle taken by reporters, they portrayed something that was not necessary.

Then she continued to pull up the screen, where she saw a comment that followed .

The amount of comments belonged to Richie. Looking at netizens' lewd comments, Consuela merely curled her lips in disapproval.

‘Huh, apart from tricks, this man has no advantages except for his handsome face. Once his bad temper is revealed, the white lotus has to retreat.’

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