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   Chapter 37 A Terrible Man (Part one)

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It was already noon when he sent people away. Many people came to the office to give tasks, and they all saw the figure of Laura.

The atmosphere between them seemed a little ambiguous, but he didn't feel anything wrong at all.

Someone helped him to finish a profitable cooperation. No matter how cold-blooded he was, it was impossible to throw this noisy person out now.

Wait until she can't continue, then find a reasonable reason and send her away with no harm on the surface.

"I’ll bring you some soup tomorrow. My family has hired a new good cook. I'm learning to cook from him," Laura said in an arrogant tone. But obviously, she softened her tone.

"Thank you," Richie nodded

As long as she was happy. Anyway, this woman did not dare to poison him in the soup.

‘Poison, Consuela.’

Richie shook his head and pushed away the woman's figure in his mind. She was indeed a ghost.

He wondered what kind of expression it would be when the woman saw her husband held by another woman's hand, who had just been married for one day.

The man raised his hand and slowly massaged his forehead, with a mysterious smile on his lips. In the empty office, it became the only beautiful scene.

When Tim was reporting to the medical equipment cooperation case, he could clearly feel that Richie was absent-minded.

Even when he raised his voice all of a sudden, Richie didn't frown, just focused on a certain point. It seemed that he was in a daze.

"The time for signing the contract is set next Monday. According to the request of the partner, you only have to be there personally." After Tim finished his report, the man still didn't make any response.

He had no choice but to ask, "Boss, are you in longing for love?"

With a snap, Richie knocked the pen on the table, turned his head and said gloomily, "Get out before I see you as a sandbag."

His words were more powerful than his curiosity. Just like he said, Richie was skillful in Kung Fu. He could knock Tim down in just ten rounds.

Tim left the door quickly and closed the door con

s satisfied with her, but they would never favor her when she was retaliated by Richie.

Thinking about it carefully, she found that she had no way back. She didn't want her parents to worry about her because of disobedience any more. Her sister had Harry, and it wasn't even more impossible to help her.

Half an hour later, Richie went back to the room. He walked into the bathroom directly with a bathrobe in his hand. He didn't say a word when he glanced at the woman who slept restlessly on the bed.

If the woman treated him this way out of instinct, she might have a place for him in her heart. To his surprise, he didn't have any antipathy.

What a hell.

The sound of splashing water kept coming out of the bathroom. Opening her eyes, Consuela looked at the frosted window with the light on. She could vaguely see Richie's rare good figure at night.

Her face was burning hot, and she simply turned her head and continued to roll over. She was very reluctant to sleep with a man, even if she was just tucked in.

It was like that she was afraid of a person to the extreme. As long as she heard anything about him, she would be frightened to pale on her face and lose all her strength.

Let alone slept on the same bed!

She was not strong at all. She even had a fragile heart occasionally. If it continued for such a long time, she must have a heart attack.

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