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   Chapter 36 All Was For The Baby (2)

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The two didn't talk loud, but their postures were seductive. With a good mood, Richie didn't pay much attention to that.

"What do you want in return?" he asked straightforwardly.

As a businessman, the members of Li Clan were not that kind of business men who would support an ordinary business and pay no attention to money.

His question made Laura's face freeze. She loosened her grip, but got closer to him again.

"My father helped me a lot on this. I don't know how you can pay me," Laura answered with a smile and her words were vague.

All she wanted was her father to step up and give her some benefits, which could make her more respected in the family.

She hadn't had a good sleep since she left Richie. She was forced to do so.

The porn photo scandal was just a trigger of the war. The biggest reason was that she was secretly recognized by her parents at home and it was good for her to be with this man.

All of their efforts were based on interests. Once they could get benefits, they would sell their daughter secretly.

Richie nodded and said, "Okay."

Her attitude was not estranged nor could be described as enthusiasm. Laura was delighted to see the little change and got rid of the estrangement between them as usual.

She could see his fair chin from head to toe. Every line of his chin seemed to be carefully made by the creator.

Laura suddenly bit her lower lip and there was a violent fire in her heart, trying to forget herself. How did she have the heart to be angry and said to break up?

It was only a short time since that incident happened, but she could not remember at all.

Both of them were tall and strong, they looked like a perfect match when standing together.

Consuela didn't expect such a scene when she walked into the company with her colleagues.

The two people walking not far seemed to have a good relationship. The woman held the man's arm, and the man would be considerate when they talked.

She accidentally tore the bread Nancy prepared and thought, "They are really a perfec

u lose this, you will gain thousands of them."

Powerful as the boss was, he was unreachable. She would rather give up directly than being annoyed.

The woman was amused by her words and her face turned red. But she still felt uneasy and couldn't be relieved so soon.

After returning to her office, Consuela sat in her chair for several hours. For the first time in her life, Mary hadn't bothered her. It seemed that she had deliberately stayed there to distract her attention.

Working hours were really exhausting. And Richie no longer revenged her in the name of business, as if he had changed old friends.

"Did you see Laura in the boss's office just now? She is the woman who has taken pictures of the global fashion weekly recently."

"She is much more considerate than someone. If she is really with our boss, I will be happy even if I cry."

Everything was good except for the colleagues who deliberately talked about it in her ears.

When Richie walked through the corridor, he saw Consuela. But he didn't let Luara go in order to avoid misunderstanding because he thought it unnecessary.

No matter what he did, he never needed others to question or doubt him.

For the first time, Laura had many a very special topic. She talked with him about work and private life, and she was very familiar with that, as if they had been friends for many years.

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