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   Chapter 35 Waiting For Shirley (Part one)

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He said as he lengthened his tone. Consuela knew what he meant.

The woman's face suddenly turned even redder. She bit her teeth and swore secretly, 'This beast in human attire!

She was so nervous that she didn't notice there was a punch away between her and Richie. But the man was so tall that she felt overwhelmed.

"Go to bed, okay?" With one hand propping his head, Richie patted her cute face amusedly and asked in a proud tone.

Actually, it was not really a question. It was a clear threat. It was a kind of verbal threat that made people unable to talk about it.

Consuela's heart raced uncontrollably.

She bit her lower lip and was unwilling to let it go. With a stubborn expression on her face and her eyes closed, it was hard to tell what she was thinking at the moment.

He wanted to tease her. "Do you want to be a heroine and be praised by the world?" he asked bluntly.

Then he also walked to the woman and got closer to her. Looking at the woman who looked increasingly pale, he felt a kind of joy.

He didn't believe that the one who was a coward and didn't dare to refute would have the courage to keep the company today.

"Get off me first." Her heart almost jumped to her throat. Unable to do anything, she focused her gaze on Richie again.

She was always the one who gave in first. No matter what she said, Richie wouldn't let her go easily. He turned sideways and put one hand on her waist. He was determined to get her.

"What do you mean by shaking me?" He lifted one corner of his mouth and showed a dazzling smile.

She thought this man must be possessed. He used to treat her as a sand in the eyes, a roadside player, always in a lofty and mocking tone, but now he could get off the altar and tease her!

It was urgent to go to the hospital for treatment.

Not getting any response, the man tightened his grip and said in a low voice, "Huh?"

"Go to bed." Again, Consuela didn't budge a little but ran her eyes across the man's teasing eyes.

He seemed to laugh at her emb

an's arm with a little strength. "I want to tell you something. Of course, it's a piece of important good news."

If there was no good news, she would be too ashamed to come back to see Richie. She worked with utmost concentration. She believed that Richie wouldn't be unhappy.

Hearing her words, Richie stopped shaking her hand off, slightly turned his head and made a posture that he wanted to know the whole story. They were very close now.

Although he had generally guessed it’s about the Wang Group's cooperation case, it must not be as simple as she said.

Richie said, "Tell me."

"Wang Group has promised to sign the contract, and they are willing to lower the original price, and by the way, offer an invitation, more than ten percent more than the original cooperation," Laura smiled mildly, but her eyes showed that she was proud.

Now, she believed that Richie would not refuse her as he had done before, though all of this was based on interests.

The man raised his eyebrows. He was also surprised to hear that. It was indeed a piece of good news that had won his recognition.

With a gentle smile, he looked down at her and said, "Thank you."

Richie believed that Laura must spend a lot of money on this cooperation, or using all her relations.

"It's good that I can help you. You are only required to sign the contract."

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