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   Chapter 31 Joint Trial

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Grabbing her arm, Richie walked towards the parking lot. He spoke in an unscrupulous and unrestrained manner, with innate arrogance in his tone, "You are the mother of our child now. Just enjoy the sunshine."

Unable to break free from the man's grip, Consuela trotted up to catch up with him. Her eyelids twitched at his words.

She was a little annoyed and asked back, "Do you want to expose my identity after the baby is born and then create an affair, so as to take the opportunity to divorce me?"

He looked determined.

"What you're thinking about is all about the soap opera?" Richie hid the smile in his eyes and roared in a low voice.

Consuela covered her face with her hands. She couldn't bear it.

But she suddenly found that in fact, he was not so bad as she thought.

He took her to the parking lot and seemed to drive her home.

With an embarrassed smile, Consuela said, "Thank you."

However, she did not refuse directly and directly opened the door and sat into the car, regardless of the slightly twitching corners of his mouth.

"Don't be so grateful to me. I just worry that you might be caught by the reporters that you're crowding the bus," said Richie coldly. His words were like a sharp knife, piercing through her wildest fantasies.

With a brilliant smile, she said, "You're thinking too much."

'The two words, ‘thank you’, were not suitable with me at all.'.

Richie suddenly slammed on the brakes, and without the seat belt, Consuela leaned forward. Her head hit the valuable cushion, which was very painful. She shouted, "What are you doing?"

After taking a glance at her from the rearview mirror, Richie answered confidently, "The traffic light is red."

She knew that he was avenging himself, but she couldn't do anything about it.

Perhaps it was because the complaint in her eyes was so obvious that the man suddenly threatened her, "Do you want to that again when the traffic lights turn red next time?"

The woman sat straightly and looked steadi

e lies were more easy to accept than bloody reality.

Johnson nodded with satisfaction, but Sheryl, sitting next to him, was not reconciled at all. She pretended to say inadvertently, "Consuela, have you finished what you want from the household register?"

If the atmosphere was only a piece of glass, then it should have been smashed into pieces by someone who looked like a spider's string spreading aimlessly as if there was no bound between it and the world.

She raised her head and looked into Sheryl's eyes, a dash of happiness flashing in her eyes.

She said vaguely, "It's done. I'll go to the kitchen to help mom."

Then she left directly without waiting for any response. Linda was cutting the Hami melon skillfully and dexterously in the kitchen.

Hearing the noise, Linda raised her head and saw the comer. She was confused and asked, "Why do you come in? I'll be ready in a minute. "

For some reason, her eyes were sore all of a sudden. Taking out the residence booklet from her bag, she raised her hands in front of her and said, "Mom, I'm sorry."

Her low voice was filled with inexplicable sadness.

Linda immediately wiped the water in her hands and took the household register. Looking at her stubborn daughter who didn't want to tell more, she could do nothing.

She owed her a lot in her previous life.

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