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   Chapter 30 Let's Go Register Tomorrow

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He answered so quickly that it seemed that he didn't think at all. The woman who was answering him was in a cold sweat and wondered if there was something wrong with the man's mind.

Consuela couldn't help but walk a few steps towards him. She checked the temperature of her forehead and reached out her hand to his forehead again.

She blurted out a question, "Are you insane?"

The cunning man in her eyes was not good-natured.

As soon as she touched the normal temperature, her hand was slapped down by the man with quick reaction. In a second, the skin of her fair hand immediately turned red.

She gritted her teeth and glared at the man with a long face. He could have avoided her, but he was so quick to react.

"Don't take my sudden tolerance as your chip for your insatiable greed." Richie turned on the laptop again and started his work, leaving behind the meaningful words.

Ignoring him, Consuela curled her lips and sat on the sofa. As soon as she touched the cushion, her phone rang.

The message of "mother" kept playing on the screen. Startled, Consuela almost threw her phone out of the seat. She heaved a sigh of relief. She had been so busy these days.

She almost forgot what had happened to her family. It must be her father who had talked to her that her mother didn't call her until now.

They were all giving her time to explain.

But even she herself didn't know how to explain this matter. No matter how much Consuela was forced to say, she couldn't say a word.

Her cell phone was ringing. The soothing music made the man frown. He bit his lips and said, "Hang up if you don't want to answer."

In a daze for a second, Consuela pressed the answering key. In a low voice, she called out, "Mom.".

Linda's voice came from the phone. Linda hadn't seen her for a few days, but now she sounded hoarse all of a sudden. "Consuela, please explain to me about the residence booklet."

The conversation between the two women was easily overheard by Richie. Thanks to the help of the stockaded mobile phone which was taken out from nowhere by Consuela.

Rolling her eyes, Consuela began to make up the story, pretending to be very anxious. "I'm working overtime now. I'm very busy. If my leader finds me, my salary will be deducted. That's it. I'll explain everything to you tomorrow when I come back from my day of rest."

Although the person on the other end of the line was dissatisfied with her perfunctory attitude, she still took her words.

It would be better to explain them in person rather than on the phone and let others know whether it was true or not.

After hanging up the phone, Consuela leaned back on the sofa, sighing. She opened her eyes and saw the man's face. She made eye contact with him. Her heart skipped a beat.

She couldn't bear to look at him, so she turned her head and asked, "Why do you always look at me?"

Richie was very generous to explain for her. His eyes were twinkling. "Observe the expression when you lie. If you dare to lie to me in the future, you're doomed."

Consuela rolled her eyes at the man. She felt ashamed to be gripped by such a childish man.

At the same time, her mobile phone in her hand suddenly poured into several long text messages, from her mother.

Consuela stretched out her hand and rubbed her forehead. Suddenly, she felt very tired. She was like a new passenger who was walking in a desert. She didn't see the stream of grass and mountains, only the yellow sand and blazing sun on the ground. She was in despair now.

Her heart was beating faster and faster, flustered and uneasy.

She really couldn't think of any reasons to lie to them, and she didn't know what else she could do to take the residence booklet in such a hurry.


s far as she knew, it seemed that only marriage registration needed the residence booklet.

The room was silent. Both of them were immersed in their own thoughts, not caring about anything else.

After a while, the man on the opposite sofa raised one of his leg and kicked her lying on the sofa with the toe cap of his shoe. In a calm voice, he said, "Let's go to register tomorrow."

With her eyes closed, Consuela snorted and thought, 'It's me who applied for the marriage certificate. But I don't need to do anything or pick up a date. Otherwise, why didn't I tell you about it?'.

Just like a doll with a fixed route, if she took the wrong path, there would be all kinds of monsters forcing her to follow the original path without any innovations.

Her life was meaningless and she would never miss it.

Their marriage was just to take an exclusive access. In the eyes of outsiders, they looked like a loving couple. After that, they signed and got the marriage certificates, so simple that it couldn't be undone.

In the room, Consuela had been dragged out of the bed by Richie the whole time. When she was dragged out of the bed, she was still in a daze until a small dark red notebook was stuffed into her hand.

Her big round eyes were full of disbelief, like a person who just woke up from a dream. She got married in this way, and her belly was still pregnant with the child of this man.

It was just that there were too many regrets, or in other words, there was no such kind of happiness, which controlled the whole emotions.

She was a woman now, but the man, whom she could be called husband, hated her.

The other thing was that the man was equipped with the most advanced equipment. Being the CEO of Sruthan Group, he was the dream lover of countless women.

However, all of these had nothing to do with her.

Shel knew that her life had changed from being pregnant to getting married. It was still an awkward situation for her.

Richie didn't want the media to know that he got married, so the marriage was a low-key one. When he walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, he put on a pair of sunglasses deliberately, but his royal temperament couldn't be hidden.

Different from the expression on her face, she continued in a relaxed voice, "If other people see what we are doing, they will think we are here to get the divorce certificate."

The woman next to him couldn't see his expression, but he could watch all her expressions.

The man pretended to be very generous. "You can go to the company tomorrow. Take today as a free marriage leave."

'Sure enough, he is a bloodsucker. Whose marriage leave is only one day?

While answering him in a light voice, she said weakly, "Okay."

And forced her to marry him? Richie reached out and caught the woman who wanted to brush past him. He slowly raised his lips, lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "If you want to leave, no problem. You have to keep the child. We, Ye Clan can't let it drift out of home."

It was also a few months before the baby was born, so he had plenty of chances to deal with her. However, it was not all his fault after she left.

Richie's words amused Consuela. No wonder the rich clans always fought for the right to inherit more of the clan's property.

She shrugged innocently. "I just want to go home."

If she didn't go home and explain it to her mom today, her mom would tear her apart. She could get on the bus just by the next road. She wasn't as cowardly as he thought.

Besides, she was just a fox when she raised her head and smiled. "The baby is my only protection. If I let him stay and leave by myself, I won't be able to see the sun for a long time."

If she knew it too clearly, she would have a hard time.

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