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   Chapter 28 Being Forced To Resign And Await Delivery (2)

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Living in the villa was extremely boring. Emily, the housekeeper, treated her as a fool who couldn't take care of herself and she did everything herself.

Consuela accepted the fact gladly. Stiffly, she walked back and forth in the villa. The boredom overwhelmed her, and so she started to miss the fierce fights in the company.

She suddenly reminded herself that this was not a good omen. It was certain that her intelligence was going offline.

It was one of Richie's many houses with a vast area. Compared with the Ye's house, Consuela felt that the decoration of this house was not difficult to accept.

In front of the villa, there was a man-made fountain, and surrounded by red flowers and green leaves, which were carefully trimmed.

Consuela had walked a long way and stopped. The more she knew about the rich, the more boring they were.

There was a swimming pool in the villa. A springboard stretched out from Richie's bedroom on the second floor. The blue water reflected a reflection of the sunlight.

Emily called her name in a hoarse voice. "Miss Xia, it's time for lunch."

"Thank you so much." Being a little embarrassed, Consuela walked up to Emily and greeted her with respect.

There were some simple dishes on the table, two plates of meat and one bowl of vegetable soup. All of them were her favorites, and they were good for the baby in her belly.

But the food in Consuela’s mouth was tasteless. She chewed the chopsticks and picked rice, thinking a lot.

The more she thought of it, the angrier she became. The more she thought of it, the more desperate she was.

At an old age, her mother was supposed to be very disappointed if she knew what had happened to her daughter. What's more, now her father's company was in trouble, which would only add trouble to others.

Emily brought her a bowl of dessert fruit after dinner. Seeing how awful she looked, she reminded, "Miss Xia, if you feel bored, you can go to the living room to watch TV."

She was so bored that she didn't know what else could intrigue her.

'son of a bitch! I'm so disappointed in him!' she thought.

"Thank you."

While they were talking, the LED TV in the living room was displaying an elegant aura. Consuela didn't know the brand of the TV, but she could see that the 100 inch TV was expensive.

She switched to the news channel and the soap opera, and finally started the idol dramas.

It was boring enough, and it was even more boring to be not afraid of it. But this kind of drama was moving enough, which could make people start from the beginning to the end of the song. She just lacked this kind of fun.

The story about their childhood love story was spread in the air. The heroine had a serious illness when she was young. She had gone abroad to get treatment. Her parents had a car accident and died. The heroine was the only survivor of the accident.

Suddenly, the girl who was suffering from a disease was rescued by gangsters. A few years later, she came back to China and had become an awesome killer. She was hired to kill the hero.

The story unfolded in front of Consuela, and she got lost in the show. When she saw the man and woman confess their love for each other when their enemies were killed, she couldn't help but sob in a sad voice, feeling very weird.

Emily tidied up the clean villa numbly. Seeing her crying, she handed over a box of tissue to her.

She began burping as she cried too much. She took out a piece of tissue to wipe her face and said, "Thank you...Burp! "

It was

at dusk outside. Richie got off work earlier than before. He walked into the villa smoothly and steadily once the car entered the parking lot.

He might just be worried ahout his cat with its paws folded. He knew that Consuela was a good girl, but that was because he had shot her weakness.

Once a cat did not care about its rudeness, the only way to deal with was to trap it and bind all the other movements.

The TV in the living room was on. As soon as he entered, he saw an infuriated scene unfolding on the screen. Consuela sat straight on the sofa, waiting for what was happening.

With her back to him, no one could see the expression on her face, but her thin shoulders were slightly shrugging, as if she had received a great grievance.

The man whom she had never seen before walked towards her and asked with a sneer, "How do you feel by watching a TV series? I feel ashamed even if you cry like this. "

If she cried harder, he didn't doubt that this woman would be sent to hospital again. His troublesome child wouldn't be so lucky.

This woman never cared about herself, and now she even didn't care about their baby. He wouldn't meddle in other things, but he was the father of the baby.

Consuela was startled by his sudden voice. She wiped off the tears on her face immediately, and gave him a bitter smile.

"Have you finished your work? Have you had your dinner yet? If not, I'll cook noodles for you. I'm good at cooking noodles."

Consuela was bragging for a long time, but Richie still ignored her. He just stared at her coldly without any emotion in his eyes, which made her blood freeze.

A short and vibrating voice came from the TV, slightly breaking the embarrassment.

Richie straightened his back and glanced at the screen. He pursed his lips and said, "You should watch more idol play like this. You'll be brainless in the future."

Consuela swallowed her anger and asked with a smile, "Have you eaten yet?"

She was going to poison him so that he would never make trouble for others and be humble and ugly next life.

He made a face of contempt, like an emperor. "Watch your TV carefully, don't degrade my intelligence."

Consuela turned around and ignored him. The footsteps were getting farther and farther. When she turned around, he was nowhere to be seen.

Her eyes could no longer be bright. She lowered her head to look at her belly. She tried to force a smile, but it could only let her tears run down.

Since she had her own child, her emotional fluctuation was quite obvious. She could easily have a great crying.

But it didn't work.

It was useless to cry, which would only make that man think that she was cowardly and incompetent. Perhaps she could only hide in such a small world for the rest of her life.

When the cry disappeared, he went downstairs with his eyebrows raised. But in the middle of the stairs, a sudden crackling sound came.

The loud noise made by the heavy stuff falling on the ground startled Richie.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to him. He went downstairs to find Consuela and saw her turn off the gas in a hurry in the messy kitchen.

"Are you getting back at me? Are you going to burn the kitchen? " The man looked around, but found nothing clean in the kitchen.

Anger was written all over his face. "I can sue you, Consuela."

Resting her hands on the path realm, she managed to stand straight. Her eyes were red and swollen, but she didn't cry. The pitiful look on her face frightened the most.

She apologized feebly, "Sorry."

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