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   Chapter 27 Being Forced To Resign For Delivery (1)

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Water began to seep down from his delicate facial features, and his black hair was dripping down. "Don't be silly. It's normal for an accident to happen again. I am the one who have the final say on resignation."

Looking at his arrogant face, Consuela was at a loss for words all of a sudden. She couldn't find a word to describe how shameless he was.

She asked, "Can't I have any freedom?"

When he dried his hair, he stopped and laughed, his face cold. "It seems that you have a bad memory. You need to be reminded of the words I've told you before."

He had said to ruin her freedom.

Upon hearing that, Consuela's hands trembled. She lowered her voice and swore, "Aren't you afraid that I won't help you anymore?"

The Ye Clan seemed to be satisfied with her. What if she made a scene and embarrassed him?

"Consuela, you don't dare!" The man's tone was firm, as if he was sure that she was a coward.

What he said was right, but she dared not. She had too many scruples that she would not accept whatever she lost.

Her words came to a sudden stop. There was a pause in the conversation. Richie seemed to be reminding her of her resignation. After giving her a meaningful look, he went upstairs.

The place she was going to stay today was the guest room next to his room, and there was only a short corridor between them.

The milk in her hand had already gone cold, and the light turned orange again. She raised her head and drank it all in one gulp, staying on the sofa in the living room for a long time.

The room was quiet. All kinds of luxurious items glowed with radiant brilliance. Consuela silently went upstairs and opened the door with the key that the housekeeper gave her.

At the end of the corridor was the man's room. She looked sideways and directly pushed the door in without hesitation, with a long sigh.

She felt helpless.

The guest room was also decorated in a cold color. The furniture was simple and clean, and there was a pot of green plant on the balcony.

Consuela took a bath in the bathroom and put on a new bathrobe. Her hair was wet as she walked out of the bathroom, and the housekeeper helped her clean her hair casually.

She sat at the bedside, and the soft light of the sleeping lamp sprinkled on her body. On her face there was a rare uncertainty and hesitation.

Recently, she got more and more times to be in a trance, and every time she was free, she would think of many people.

Harry's face darkened with anger. Her parents were terrified with fright, and her sister's expression of surprise but not knowing it.

She was massaging her lower abdomen slowly with a soft layer of cloth. And the baby she had never met made her hate and love.

Life always went up and down like this.

When she knew she had a child, she did not want to raise it either, but was forced to stay.

When her belly became bigger, how should she tell her parents about her pregnancy? And how should she face the disdainful ridicule of Harry?

She had been thinking about it the whole night, restless and helpless.

She didn't know whether she would cross the bridge. She had to wait to see what would happen in the future.

The next morning, she looked at herself in the mirror, whose eyes were full of cyan. She wanted to smile, but she could not adjust her expression stiffly.

The more she was unhappy, the more excited Richie would be


She raised her hand and patted her numb face. She tried to warn herself that she could not let her opponent pleased.

In the living room, there was simple Chinese style breakfast on the table. The neatly made man was reading a newspaper in a lethargic and noble posture in the first morning light, which was like a person in a painting.

As soon as he raised his head and saw the dark circles around her eyes, his good mood vanished.

She didn't sleep the whole night, but got dark circles around her eyes. She still did so recklessly now that she was pregnant.

"Come and sit down for breakfast. Don't starve my baby." He stressed on the word "my" on purpose, as if he was afraid that she would not know it.

Since she was not in a good mood today, she slowly walked up to Richie. Her face looked even paler, making it seem like the dark circles on it. "Good morning," she greeted.

Richie snorted, watching the woman opposite him eat skillfully, and picked up the newspaper again on the table to read. They were speechless.

"Can I take your car to the company later?" lowering her head, she said in a light voice as low as she could.

She didn't want to be imprisoned in this tiny space. No matter how good it was, she was reluctant to do so.

Taking a sip of the black coffee, he put down the newspaper and asked in a soft voice, "Consuela, now that you're not around, I'm afraid I'll have to go home and eat myself."

She couldn't bring any benefits to the company. Maybe in this man's eyes, she was a rubbish. He said that just to make her see herself clearly.

Blushing, Consuela explained resignedly, "I've never thought about it that way. All I want is a stable job and a good education of my baby."

If she gave birth to the baby, she would definitely spend a lot of money. She couldn't abandon her job.

She looked up and down at Richie, who was the child's father. She thought that she'd better cut off the relationship with him.

Her inquisitive look and the words that never brought him into the future deeply aroused his anger.

He leaned over to her and sneered, "Do you think I'm too poor to raise a child?"

If she said yes, then there would be no chance for her to talk nicely in the future.

Consuela swallowed the food in her mouth painfully. She didn't understand why he suddenly got angry.

When she was about to open her mouth to ask, the man on the opposite had put on a tie and impatiently stood up. His newspaper was swept at her feet by something he left.

Richie was a perfect man, though he was temperamental and cunning.

"There is no way that one would be perfect." Consuela sighed with profound resignation as she tasted the green vegetables.

The newspaper she picked up from the ground was filled with entertainment news. A photo of the two was blurred. She looked at the picture and found it familiar.

The photo was taken in a car. Either the quality problem or the deliberate shooting was not clear, but the two looked intimate.

As a well-known celebrity, Richie was in every magazine weekly and she had recognized the man on the newspaper with the sharp eye. As the heroine of the nude photos, Consuela had been blocked out of the entertainment company, so no one recognized her.

But all the people of the omnipotent might be starting to search her now.

There was something in her throat that stung and suffocated her.

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