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   Chapter 26 Bring Her Home (2)

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With a warm smile on his face, he explained, "Mom, what's the rush? I'm in a relationship with Consuela because I'm eager to see my sons and daughters."

Hardly had the words full of tease faded away, the quiet dining hall suddenly became rustling and whispering.

Ronald, sitting on the host seat, laughed and said, "For all these years, what you have done most right is to bring a granddaughter-in-law home."

Gradually, the atmosphere became active. Everyone seemed to agree with this obedient and pleasant girl.

After dinner, the relatives sat around Consuela in the living room, surrounded by the colorful lights. They didn't mind asking questions, as if they didn't mind ignoring Consuela.

"You're very beautiful. How old are you? Where do you live?"

"Look at this little face. It's red and shy."

Consuela accepted them one by one. After they left the house, she sat in the back seat, unscrewed the lid of a bottle of water and sighed.

She didn't expect that the members of the Ye Clan would be so enthusiastic. Because of the appearance, Richie must have some gene problems.

"You don't know where I live, do you?" The view outside the car was becoming more and more unfamiliar. Consuela turned her head and asked.

She had gone through a lot of shortcuts, so she was sure that the place where he took her would never be her residence.

But the man must have investigated all her ancestors, how could he not know where she lived.

After coming out of the Ye’s house, he became indifferent again. "Don't bother me."

She didn't know why he was so angry.

The man's pace became more and more remote. After getting off the expressway, he sped straight to the suburb of L City. On his way, without saying a word, he looked like a lunatic.

"Where are you going?" she touched the door handle and leaned towards the door, pretending to ask calmly.

She had made up her mind to communicate with him first. When he relaxed his vigilance, she would slip out.

Her little movements could be seen clearly from the rearview mirror. Richie raised the corner of his lips, and the ripples in his black eyes.

"Go to my place to sleep today. It's no good for me to tear your body apart."

There would be a lot of unavoidable troubles, and it was unnecessary for him to deal with them in person.

His explanation was so blatant that it was hard for others to understand. Unknowingly, Consuela furrowed her eyebrows and scanned the car.

She suddenly felt that staying with this man was the most dangerous thing?

With a friendly smile, she said politely, "You don't need to give me a ride. Just drop me off here. I'll hail a taxi over there."

In her eyes, no one could be more dangerous than this man. Staying with him was the same as losing her life.

"Consuela, you know, you are pregnant. I'm not that horny yet." Richie saw through her subtle expression, and the corner of his mouth was full of coldness.

If he hadn't been drugged, he would never allow any strange women to sleep with him. And now she was putting on airs.

The car went into dead silence. Consuela closed her eyes and didn't say anything more.

She didn't know what kind of monster Richie could be. She just knew that she was the trapped lamb, and there was nowhere to escape.

She didn't believe a single word of Richie.

He lived in a duplex villa on the outskirts of L C

ity. It was a clean and tidy villa in the style which people could tell that it was fancy and rich.

It was not as magnificent as the Ye’s house, but unique. With modern decoration, it was more suitable for living.

There were also servants in the villa who were on standby. The orange light was turned off, and there were many lights in it. Thus, Consuela walked into the villa with him. The beige carpet was soft and warm.

"Change the carpet tomorrow."

"Okay, sir. What do you want?"

Hearing her words, he slowly unbuttoned his cuff and raised his head. "It's for pregnant woman," said he with a glint in his dark eyes.

The middle-aged woman was surprised by his words. It was then that she noticed the embarrassment in Consuela's eyes. She hid her emotion and nodded in agreement.

Surprised, Consuela switched her gaze from the place to somewhere else. She muttered awkwardly, "I don't like to move to a new place all of a sudden. It's not that convenient."

She didn't say this with much confidence, but with a little hope. She didn't want to be a caged bird.

But that man seemed to want to break her wings and ruin her freedom.

"If you are not used to it, you should try to get used to it." The man passed her, threw his black coat onto the sofa, and went directly to the second floor.

Biting her lower lip, Consuela raised her head and stared at the tall, thin figure disappearing in her sight. There was a mixture of disappointment and unwillingness in her eyes.

She thought she had done a good job today and he wouldn't push her too hard, but she was wrong.

"Miss, Mr. Richie asked me to bring you some warm milk." The woman who had served her food came to her with a respectful expression.

Judging from Richie's attitude towards her, she knew that she could not afford to offend this woman, and her name might be added to this place in the future.

They had a baby. It seemed that they were going to get married soon.

Consuela didn't expect him to give her a slap and then a candy this time. She felt it a bit weird.

Was Richie changing his character?

She waited in the living room for nearly half an hour before the man wiped his short wet hair. He came down and saw her sitting up properly. He was a little confused.

"Quit your job tomorrow and focus on taking care of yourself and the baby. That's all." His tone was as usual.

He wore an open bathrobe, his delicate clavicle showing in the air. His skin was pale, but it did not show feminine.

When she raised her head and looked into his eyes, she could see the graceful aura emanating from his eyes. Instantly, he pulled a long face. He was a born criminal.

‘If he ever dares to make dessert, once his company goes bankrupt and he becomes a cowherd, he must be driven crazy by rich women.’

Getting rid of her thoughts, Consuela asked with a frown, "Why did you ask me to resign? I can take good care of our child even at work. "

She didn't want to stretch out her hands to this man for living. She could afford her own child, and her salary would never let them starve.

"I love our baby from the bottom of my heart. As far as I know, you can't even take good care of yourself."

He was trying to get even with her for the last time she passed out.

She looked into his eyes and continued, "It was just an accident. After that experience, I'll be more careful."

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