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   Chapter 25 Bring Her Home (Part one)

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"I wish my mother could treat you like this. But she has been educated strictly from childhood, so she can't be such a shrew."

He had meant to frighten her with this assumption, but when he saw that she was really scared with a pale face, he couldn't help explaining with embarrassment.

Despite of that, Consuela wasn't less scared.

The woman smiled bitterly and said, "Don't lie to me. Do you think I will be scared away by the expressway?"

Her delicate and white face was made into a kind of wrinkled bun by herself, which still looked adorable. Richie wasn't annoyed by her words. He twitched his mouth and glanced at her quickly. He sneered, "You said except for being poor and ugly, why did you get detested?"

"You said I was shameless and despicable before," with a darkened face, Consuela retorted harshly. She had done a lot of stupid things that she had committed.

The smile on his face indicated that he was in a good mood, and he added, "I almost forgot it if you didn't mention it. Now you see. It's right."

They didn't talk much, but they were getting along well with each other, without the conflicts between them as before.

When they arrived at the Ye's house, Consuela got nervous. Looking at the wide and clean path, she couldn't help but feel flustered.

It owned a vast area, with some buildings in the late Qing period, which didn't blend in with the construction of the modern iron city.

After they got out of the car, Richie whispered to her ears, "Relax. If you screw it up, I'll teach you a lesson."

Although she wasn't too surprised by the grandeur of the Ye Clan, she was still a little afraid of it. She replied honestly, "I'll try my best."

There were a group of experts in the business magazine comments. They would only criticize him for his cruel means of doing things. In the eyes of the public, he was probably a successful and handsome businessman.

Unconsciously, he forgot the huge family behind him, and his own property.

Resting her hands on his arm, Consuela felt that it was made of gold.

The man suddenly stopped. Her hand was pulled down by him, and her waist was almost imprisoned by him.

She didn't know why but followed him. She heard a low voice, "Stop being an anthomaniac. Let others see that I have no taste. What's more, if you dirty my customized suit, how are you going to pay for it?"

Rolling her eyes, Consuela thought that Richie didn't like her at all! He acted as if she really liked staying with him.

But she had to hide her true colors in that house. She would act like an obedient woman.

She hated the arrogant family rules, but she could not say anything more.

In the hall, all the relatives were waiting for them. With a frown on his face, Richie suddenly realized who made all this fuss.

Then he led his companion into the hall. He had called all his relatives with Consuela who was in a daze because of the embarrassment. As a result, she had received a lot of red envelopes.

After pondering over it for a while, Consuela realized that the weight of the red envelopes wasn't easy to handle, but Richie would take away all of them.

Suddenly, she felt a pinch on her waist. She quickly hid the sadness in her eyes and greeted the old man with gray hair and a healthy body with Richie, “Good evening, grandpa.”

She wore a creamy white simple and knee length skirt that Richie selected for her, with her long inky hair hanging down loosely. When she smiled, the dimples on her face were very st

range, and her black and white eyes were pure and beautiful.

In the appreciation of the crowd, Richie and Consuela were clustered around the dinner table. Ronald was still sitting at the head of the table. Ronald's right to the table was Richie's parents, on the left were Richie and Consuela, who were both with the title of "respected".

Wendy looked at the girl sitting opposite her. The more she looked at her, the happier she was. Although she was confused why it wasn't Laura.

She didn't feel sorry for the girl. On the contrary, she was a little happy.

But no matter how much she loved her, she couldn't let a girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere and took her son away.

Sitting at the table, Wendy bent over and put some food into Consuela's bowl. With a friendly smile, she asked, "How did you meet Richie?"

The corners of Consuela's mouth twitched. She wasn't afraid of telling a lie. Only she and her companions could see that she was trembling under the table.

"Richie has just known me, but I have been secretly in love with him for many years. We were in the same school when we were in high school. At that time, I was obsessed with him. Then we met again, so I tried my best to gamble." She paused, "I feel I'm lucky, but it's not easy to win."

Her tone was appropriate and there was no affectation in it. With one of his eyebrows raised, Richie looked at the crowd with a doting and helpless smile at the corners of his mouth.

Naturally, he touched her head and said in a softer tone. Although he was blaming her, his tone was obviously happy. "You are talkative."

The rest of them finally understood what was going on. They all looked at Consuela with admiration in their eyes.

They stared at each other affectionately. The man's eyes darkened, but Consuela perceived a threat from his eyes.

When best actor or actress touched each other, scum would be immediately wiped out without a spark.

Wendy nodded in her heart, but she still put on a smile and asked, "If he agrees to marry you, will you promise to solve the problem of property before marriage?"

Her question was a bit straightforward, and all the people present frowned.

Her husband under the table gently pushed her, but received no more than soothing eyes.

Wherever there were people, there would be more flaws. Even if she frowned, many strange things would be spread. The topic of these boring noble women was always exaggerated and suspicious.

"I won't interfere too much with his personal things, no matter money or drifting mind," Consuela joked, breaking the tense atmosphere.

He bowed his head, trying not to laugh. He looked more like that he was happy than being seen by others.

"When are you going to get married and have children? I want to know it," Wendy teased. She began to praise her in her tone.

Her question left Consuela dumbfounded. She couldn't tell the woman opposite her that she was pregnant and waited for the marriage license to be issued.

However shameless she was, she dared not speak it out. She put her hand under the table and naturally pinched the man who had nothing to do with it.

Her mouth twitched, with a touch of ferocity in her eyes. When she turned her head, she looked at him with unspeakable shyness, as if it was all up to him.

Looking at her submissive manner, Richie was not used to it. He pulled the corners of his mouth and held her in his arms.

Such a dominant behavior made people dare not look down upon the frail woman.

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