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   Chapter 24 Obtaining A Concert (6)

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Richie lowered his head, kissed her hair and said in a hoarse voice, "Besides, who else wants to marry you now except me?"

A woman who would give birth to a baby, which man could be so generous to accept this kind of woman?

Consuela's face soured at his stubbornness.

"If the child will have no father in the future, then there will be a question for you. How do you answer it that we are a family while I only have a mother?"

Because of the position, he could not see her face clearly, but he could guess the complicated expression on her face now.

Besides saying that he wanted to take revenge on her, he didn't really do anything cruel to her. What was she hesitating for?

Or, she was waiting for someone to take care of her.

"Are you still thinking that your little lover Harry would save you?"

Since she didn't answer him, he decided to tell her the truth bit by bit. "I'm sorry, Consuela. The outsider sees more than the insider. I don't think you can get back together anymore."

Unable to retort, Consuela gritted her teeth. She couldn't believe that he was able to point it out.

Anger smoldered in her heart, but rationality made her surrender.

She knew clearly that she would not have any connection with Harry, as they would not be allowed in any way.

"So you just want me to marry you after saying so much?" said Consuela in a hoarse voice as she raised her head and touched the man's delicate jaw.

She was like a person who had been in prison for a long time finally was released, but lost hope.

It was said that she was cowardly, dumb and not strong. She actually acted in it.

"I am a capitalist. I don't like to play consensual games with you," he suddenly smiled, "But you are not bad."

In the world of Richie, there were two things. One was what he wanted, and the other was that he didn't want to waste his time on.

He talked so much, just to break her point. He could decide whether to marry her or not.

All of a sudden, Consuela pushed him away and covered her face with the quilt. "If that's what you want, Congratulations! You've made it!"

The man who was stunned by her coldness suddenly burst into laughter. His wild and arrogant laughter made the one under the quilt more depressed.

'He is still as mean as before.'

On his phone, which was put on the sofa, several text messages with pictures were suddenly sent to him from his mother.

The smile on his face faded, and he frowned. He pulled the quilt away, then gently asked, "Are you feeling well?"

"It's none of your business." Her eyes widened in shock. She didn't know how she had gotten the courage to utter such words.

As always, the man was sharp tongued. He shook his head and looked at her, full of disagreement. "I think my good genes may not be able to replace the level of brain damage in you. For the next generation, take care of yourself."


They stared at each other for a long time. Then he suddenly curved his lips and drew a smile. His rigid face softened a lot.

"I'll pick you up the day after tomorrow and take you home with me to meet my family."

She knew that something bad would happen as Richie suddenly laughed like this. They hadn't even gotten the marriage license yet, and she didn't want to be led by the nose.

Her rejection, which was rushing to her lips, was swallowed in front of the man's mysterious smile.

In fact, there was not much difference being controlled earlier or later to her. She reluctantly agreed.

The l

ife after she became a coward was much easier, because she didn't need to receive any sarcasm from Richie any more.

Richie directly gave her a few days off. The healthy person stayed in hospital with nothing to do, so he sent Tim to visit her.

"Would you like to have an apple, Mrs. Consuela?" Tim called her name smoothly, taking the fruit on the bedside table to show his obedience.

'This woman is not simple. She can be accepted by my boss to get married directly.'.

He had more respect for her, less frivolous, and some unspeakable acquaintance. After all, he needed to have a good relationship with his superior relatives.

"I'm not that close to him," without giving it a second thought, Consuela clarified. She furrowed her eyebrows unhappily as she took the apple and took a big bite.

"Yes, yes, Mrs. Consuela, you don't know boss so well." Tim laughed heartily.

Staring at the mischievous look on his face, Consuela took a deep breath and told herself not to be angry at him.

The people around Richie were all very difficult to deal with. She was not smart enough, so she chose to ignore them.

The door of the ward was opened. A handsome, cold man stood at the door. Next to him was the Dean, who broke into a cold sweat. The man said with a cold face, "Your name is going to be on my household register, so you're not familiar with me?"

He was a man of tit for tat!

The faint yellow light fell on the ground as Consuela was taken out of the hospital. The white car was rolled up and the partition of the car was raised. Ever since Richie had gotten in the car, he didn't remove his laptop.

He was very busy, as if every minute was squeezed out of the dry sponge. His serious side face was very handsome, but it was destroyed by his words.

"What treasure is worth one hundred million for tourism and development? The media is just making groundless accusations. If anyone dares to invest in me, well, think about the consequences. "

"Burn the bridge after crossing it? As a businessman, he can't provide me with benefits. Why should I leave a passage for him to exploit? "

He had been wearing his Bluetooth headsets the whole time. Consuela didn't know what the one on the other side spoke, but knew that the man in the car had been being sarcastic all the time.

Consuela curled up her body in an attempt to be quiet. Suddenly, she heard Richie say in a different tone, "I'll be back today with the person you want to see."

His eyes fell on her, and he couldn't help teasing her.

At the other end of the phone, Wendy heard his suggestive words and burst into laughter.

Noticing that the man pressed his lips together as if he had hung up the phone, Consuela asked hopefully, "Are you sure you want to go to your home in this way?"

He must have been kidding. How could he just take her home like that.

Richie comforted her, "Although you're a little ugly, don't panic. My mom is eager to have a grandson. She can stand you."

She felt nobody would be close to him when he was in front of them.

"Do you want to see me being insulted by your mother and thrown out of the villa by the bodyguard?"

In fact, the mother-in-law had always threatened her daughter-in-law in the TV shows about the rich and powerful families. When Consuela saw that, her face paled with fear.

However, she was not protected by the gentle man. The man sitting opposite to her, though unable to tell what kind of person he was, might be eager to torture her more.

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