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   Chapter 21 The Agreement (3)

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She was too preoccupied to hear the footsteps approaching.

"What are you looking for in the study, Consuela? I've called you a million times, but you didn't respond," leaning against the door of the study, Sheryl suddenly asked Consuela when she saw her sneaking around.

She knew that Consuela wouldn't steal things, but she was more curious about that.

The bang was like a bolt out of the blue. In the quiet room, Consuela was startled when she just touched the household register. In a panic, she grabbed the dark red booklet and immediately stuffed it into her clothes.

"I'm looking for a book. I was too focused to hear your voice," Consuela said as she stood up calmly, her hands trembling slightly.

'If my sister finds out this, no matter how much she loves me, she will report to my parents. At that time, I will be speechless, ' Consuela thought.

If she wanted to hide it, she had to keep it as a secret forever.

"Really? Did you find it? " The smile on Sheryl's face was so faint that it seemed that she didn't care about it at all. Even though Consuela tried to hide the household register, she was still able to see it.

If Consuela didn't say it now, she would let her say it in front of the whole family.

"No. I haven't found it yet. Is there anything you want to see me about?" asked Consuela after making her way out.

If she still held on to this matter, she really couldn't make up the reason.

Sheryl took her hand and said sweetly, "It's time for dinner."

Despite of the heavy make-up, Sheryl's eyes wandered around the closed study room and her coat.

In the living room, Johnson, Linda, and Harry had taken their seats together. They were having dinner in a harmonious atmosphere. Consuela was a little worried and restless.

The household register was in her pocket, and she only had to hold it for a little longer. However, her eyelids kept twitching uncontrollably.

Things would not be as perfect as she thought.

She had to leave immediately no matter what would happen later. She had to make sure everything was under control.

She raised her eyes to meet Johnson's slightly turbid eyes, and she could not bear to let her parents worry about her since she had grown up.

However, when she just put down the bowl and stepped out, she was tripped and stumbled forward. She quickly steadied herself by holding the table next to her.

"How could Consuela be so careless?" Sheryl said in a reproachful tone as she got up to help Consuela stand up.

"What are you doing, Consuela?" she asked in disbelief.

This exclamation attracted everyone at the table to put down their chopsticks. Scrutinizing the person like a needle, the dark red notebook fell to the ground at the same time.

"What happened, Consuela?" her mother asked in confusion as she looked at the household register on the ground.

'Is she so devastated that she wants to marry someone?

Is there no better man than Harry in the world?'

Her father looked at her in silence, hoping she could give him an explanation.

"Nothing... However... I want to... " Unable to explain anything, she just hemmed and hawed.

She bent down quickly to pick up the household register and put it back to her pocket. Her movement was so natural that no one noticed the panic in her eyes.

"Is she going to register marriage with another man?" Harry asked jokingly.


ntally, he shared the same thought with Linda. All of a sudden, several people looked at her in disbelief.

Looking at Consuela's pale face and her slightly stiff one, Sheryl knew that what Harry had said was a false accusation.

Who was she going to marry? She wanted to be with Harry not long ago, but was kicked by herself. She must have no energy to maintain a relationship.

"Consuela, tell me. Have we met this man before? How do you know each other? Don't be fooled. " Linda grabbed her hand nervously.

She lowered her head, not daring to utter a single word. Tears welled up in her eyes.

'what should I say? Someone threatened me with nude pictures and then asked my parents to throw an egg against a rock?'

No matter how unfilial she was, she knew it was better to shut up at this moment.

After all, it was wrong to say too much.

"Consuela, don't be afraid. Tell me the truth. Who is he?"

She knew that they couldn't afford to offend him.

"Mom, can you please calm down first?" She took a step back and broke away from her mother's hand. There was an obvious red mark on her white arm.

Linda felt sorry for Consuela and her eyes were red. She just hoped that Consuela would not do anything stupid and ruin her own life.

Being morose, Consuela silently put it in her pocket. At the same time, just next to the household register, her phone vibrated. The caller's name was "devil".

The name card was a special gift for Richie.

She answered the phone in front of everyone, her hand holding the phone trembling, but she still calmly said a few words to the man.

As soon as she hung up the phone, she took her bag and said to Linda, "I'll explain to you later. I know what I should do."

She had grown up to know what she should do, but she couldn't do anything out of line.

After Consuela left, everyone was silent and confused. Harry lowered his head, with confusion in his eyes.

She was going to get married. Maybe it was the man she just knew. How charming he was to make her so desperate?

As soon as Consuela walked out of the villa, she called Richie back.

She just hanged up the phone without any hesitation, probably because she was cursed by this petty man.

"Where were you just now?" There was a touch of displeasure in his voice.

He was about to tell her that he would take her back to the Ye's house to see his family members the next day, when he heard the noises, mixed with men and women.

But before he could say anything, she was directly hanged up. It was so depressing.

At this moment, it was hard to speak in a friendly tone, like a naive child being unreasonable.

"I was... I took my household register. " Consuela hesitated for a moment. She moved on, but her eyes were blurred by the wind.

The inquiry of Richie was like the husband who caught adultery in the soap opera.

"You are so stupid. And now you are clever." said Richie with a smile across the microphone. He complimented her while making fun of her.

However, she would rather not hear such a sarcastic praise.

"That's because you have taught me well."

He had never flattered her.


The car sped away one after another. The familiar license plate number made Consuela want to run as fast as she could. But when she saw the man get out of the car calmly, she felt that her foot was stuck in the air and she couldn't move at all.

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