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   Chapter 20 Obtaining The Sarah (2)

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Richie was satisfied with her compromise and took a step back to keep a safe distance. He looked at her tender body and smiled.

No matter how bold and rebellious they were, this was the end that they had to face.

"You can ignore me in the company. The most important work is to report the schedule and be responsible for my life."

He raised his hand to smooth the crumpled hand-made shirt, turned around and sat on the leather chair as ordered.

Consuela wanted to retort, but as soon as she looked into his eyes, she swallowed all the words she wanted to say. She swallowed her anger and forced a smile.

He came to this conclusion just for fear that she would make any mistakes again. The woman who couldn't even tell him the schedule had become a burden in his eyes.

"I remember there is an important document that hasn't been sent yet. I'm leaving now." She patted her head, pretending to be very anxious. Then, under his gaze, she ran away quickly.

Even she herself was scared.

However, she did not have the ability to revenge. What she could do was to endure.

Outside the office, because of this outrageous drama, there were already some discussions like haggling over the vegetable market.

"That bitch is really brilliant. Her skillful at seducing men. I feel daunted."

"Well, Am I the only one who thinks she deserves admiration? After all, it is profitable for her to fawn over him. "

"Richie is a disciplined man. But you don't know he didn't punish Consuela. Instead, he brought her to his office and discipline her."

Consuela felt embarrassed at the obscene rumors. The corners of their mouths twitched. She wanted to leave, but a woman with long hair and slim waist blocked her way.

As Consuela walked, she covered her mouth with one hand and asked with a smile, "Consuela, could you teach me some tips about how to seduce men?"

Her words were full of obvious and implied sarcasm in her eyes. Those who stayed with her all laughed at her in the same way.

Consuela furrowed her eyebrows. She didn't want to argue with her, but the road was blocked by a group of people.

Who are these people? They just can't bear to see me live a good life, right?

"Consuela, don't be in such a hurry. You'd better share your experience with us first. After all, you've experienced a lot. You're our colleague, so don't try to hide anything from us,"

"I'm sorry. I really don't know what kind of experience you want. Don't bite me like a mad dog." Looking at her, with the kind and gentle smile on her face, Consuela's mouth twitched.

She had always been nice to others, but that didn't mean she would allow people to abuse her as they liked. She was afraid of Richie, but she was not afraid of this woman.

"You're too noisy. Are you too comfortable here?" Looking at these people who didn't do anything important, Mary couldn't help frowning.

She curled her lips when she saw the complicated look on Consuela's face.

Huh, how could Richie not punish her? Such a mistake was not a small one, and she could not bear the idiot who did the wrong thing.

"You can leave now." As she raised her head, she happened to see the man who had his back to Consuela.

The girls who had been threatening Consuela with the offensive remarks all disappeared in a flash, as if they were birds and beasts meeting hunters. And even Consuela was ready to leave.

She didn't want to face Richie, whose face like black coal. Seeing that would defini

tely put her to death.

After the torment lasted till the end of the day, she decided to go back home and take out the household register as soon as possible. Richie was not a patient person who was always so irritable.

In the Xia's house, the leaves of autumn were shiny and yellow. Her mother was very happy to see her back, while her father was sitting in a corner of a sofa and had a forced smile.

"Consuela, you're back. Come and taste the chocolate Harry brought back from Europe," said Sheryl with a smile.

How could her beautiful sister be willing to come back? In order not to let her down, she had to show off their love.

After making up her mind, she grabbed a chocolate box and handed it to Consuela with enthusiasm.

"Why does Consuela seem to lose weight again? Is it because she doesn't eat well or is she too tired?" Then she touched Consuela's face, pretending to be pitiful.

Why didn't she starve to death outside?

"Sheryl, don't worry. I'm losing weight. You can eat chocolate by yourself. I don't like desserts anymore."

She just didn't like his desserts any more.

Consuela said, with eyes turning dim, which were all seen by those who wanted to laugh at her. Sheryl bent her lips and pretended to give. What a pitiful bitch!

"Sheryl, did you hand over the gift I gave you to someone else?" taunted Harry when he walked out of the kitchen after washing his hands.

His eyes swept over Consuela, not willing to stay on her for even a second, as if she was a malignant tumor in his life.

"Consuela is not any other woman," said Sheryl with a smile, walking up to Harry and carefully dressed up.

Not wanting to see them show off again, she made up a lame excuse and went to her room. The bed had been cleaned up. She stared blankly at the ceiling.

It seemed that her life had been ruined that night. And it was she who had started it.

"Baby, I regret having you, but I will never let anyone make you unhappy."

She stroked her belly with an inexplicable bitterness. She was still so young, but she had to spend the whole life because of messy things.

Suddenly, the phone on the bed was buzzing. It was a text from Richie. Only two simple words: household register.


She cursed and walked out of the room. The residence booklet and other important documents were placed in her father's study, which was at the end of the second floor.

She carefully opened the door, but she was restless. Household register was a gossip, and she did not dare to open it blatantly.

The desk was covered with a heap of black and white paper. It looked like someone who was in a towering rage had ravaged them. Consuela had no interest in such things at all.

Her father was always good at sorting things out. No matter what the trivial parts were, he was considerate and observant. It was impossible for him to make the important place like this for no reason.

She couldn't help but notice that Xia’s Group was monopolizing the capital, and one of the directors escaped with a large sum of money. The company was in a serious crisis.

She was shocked and uneasy, but she quickly put the stuff back and began to look for the household register. She was still a little restless.

Even though the company had declined, her father still decided to quit his career and just came back to have dinner with her.

It seemed that her mother didn't know about this matter. Otherwise, she wouldn't have laughed so happily.

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