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   Chapter 19 Obtaining A Letter Of Agreement (1)

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"What did you say?" Consuela finally knew what he meant. She was shocked by his words.

'He must be kidding me. Marriage is such an important thing. Does he really want to ruin himself?' Consuela thought.

It was not because she was too self abased, but because this was the reality that he could not gain any benefit by marrying her.

She stepped back and subconsciously covered her belly with her hand, which was holding some files. She thought the man didn't know anything, but it was out of her expectation that this tiny movement amused him and made him laugh.

"Have you brought your household register? It's still early. Let's go to the Civil Affairs Bureau. " Looking at her chuckle and charming gesture, he repeated what he had said.

He said in a casual and natural way, as if it was just a common occurrence to get a marriage certificate, and he was already an expert in it.

"Stop joking with me. It's not funny at all. And I don't deserve your love." Her face was as white as a sheet.

She had been through a lot of setbacks in her life, but the stress had not been increased.

Richie raised his hand and touched his face. He curled his lips and asked, "Is it because I have shown too much respect to you these days that you are so unscrupulous as you are now?"

He changed his tone leisurely. Standing less than a foot away from her, wearing the classic match of white shirt and black trousers, he was like a walking model, walking through the catwalk.

Pressing stiffly, she replied in a trembling voice, "I didn't mean it."

Confidence lost its place since she felt guilty.

"Well, you are a liar. You curse me as you wish." Thinking of the time in the copy room, he couldn't help saying more seriously.

This time, Consuela felt a sharp pain in her knee. She couldn't believe that Richie would marry her.

She closed her eyes and seemed to be ready to risk everything. She straightened her back and said, "In addition to obtaining the certificate, I can accept any other punishments."

"How dare you yell at me? Who lent you the guts?"

The fragrance of mint faintly spread to her nose. The man was very close to her. Even if she closed her eyes, she could get the warmth.

It was not a good feeling. It was like an enemy who was shooting an arrow in the dark while you were being slaughtered in the open.

Moreover, it seemed that there was no fairness in their negotiation.

As long as Richie set his mind, he would try every means to achieve his goal, no matter what evidence he would make or what touching words he would say.

She had long realized this, so she was so desperate.

"One more chance. Do you want to marry me?" He took out a cigarette, but didn't light it because he was worried about the pregnant woman.

He looked at the scenery outside the French window. His smile was so perfect that it could even be described as beautiful.

But it was said that the more beautiful the things were, the more poisonous they were.

She smiled bitterly and asked, "What if I say no?"

"You have no right to say no." Richie was annoyed by her hesitation. He lowered his head and touched her nose. His warm breath spread on her face.

Marrying him was the only way out for her.

"It's my life. Why can't I say no? Richie, how dare you threaten me?" Consuela flared up and pushed the man away. She raised her head and roared.

Why could her life be controlled by others? Why should

she be treated like this as she was a victim?

Just because she was weak? Huh, the reincarnation of natural laws was really ridiculous.

"You climbed into my bed and drugged me, just to wait for this day to come. I just do what you want now. "

The man sneered. Did she want to make herself dignified and invincible?

He grabbed the woman's hand and pushed her against the wall. His eyes were full of danger that no one dared to approach.

Consuela finally realized that she had slowly enraged him to the climax. He grabbed her harder and harder, totally ignoring her.

She also tried hard to hold back her pain, and the two red eyed people looked at each other without showing weakness.

"If you behave yourself, nothing will happen."

Just go to the Civil Affairs Bureau with him and get a marriage certificate. Did she need to be threatened being his wife?

Consuela who temporarily lost her mind said, "As docile as a noxious doll?"

She had to be obedient to him until he didn't have her own opinion and insisted from where he was.

Richie looked at her strangely, and sneered with contempt, "Can you be obedient like that?"

Behind her was a cold glass wall with a dark corner designed with grinding sand. The outsiders couldn't see clearly what was going on inside. The man's words, however, made her angry.

However, Richie's words put an end to all that.

"Do you want your nude photos to be recognized on all the website TV stations and abused by the people all over the country, which makes your parents very angry?"

Resting his head on her shoulder, he was a cold-blooded creature with no temperature. As he spoke, he raised his head and looked at Consuela.

His eyes were so clear and deep that no one could tell what was in his mind. But there was a menace in them.

"Shame on you!" Her face paled. She was imagining what it would be like if her parents saw those obscene photos.

How sad they would be for their daughter, who had been brought up by hard working, to be rewarded in this way?

With the help of Richie, the photo could be developed and spread to the world. She had no doubt that he would do it if the truth was revealed.

"Those photos have been deleted by the PR department, but there are still some people who have them. Don't be afraid, because I am here with you and I can't let it out."

However, without him, Consuela would just wait and see.

However, Consuela's face turned pale at his threat. She leaned against the wall and felt very weak. Therefore, she did not fall to the ground because Richie held her into his arms.

'what a coward and incompetent woman! I've set her mind on surrender!'.

Determined, Consuela said with a sneer, "If you post those photos, don't you think that the whole country will be able to see your face with a mosaic?"

There were a lot of mental handicapped women. Although her faces in the photos were unusually clear, there were also many his.

"Don't forget your little lover. His career is right on the rise. Do you want to break his career because of this." The smile on his face was so false.

He had investigated her identity. The so-called lover should be her brother-in-law.

In fact, Consuela wasn't as open-minded as she was when she spoke. She just wanted to leave a good way for herself. However, her plan had failed.

"I don't carry my residence booklet with me." Finally she was forced to make a compromise.

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