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   Chapter 18 It's None Of My Business

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"You can get out if you don't want to work here." The man's voice was a little cold, and from the corner of his eye, he saw a woman dressed gorgeously outside the glass window.

His eyes were so deep that anyone who saw them would be startled. It was definitely not a good sign.

Once a word was spoken, the greatest reputation would be laid on the ground. No matter what kind of opponent it was to cooperate with and what means it would use, the praises from the outside world were still there.

Consuela was stunned. What kind of job had she left behind?

Quickly, he lowered his head and started to read the documents. It described nothing about the cooperation in H city.

Yesterday, she had sorted out all the work content and taboos, which was very unlikely to show any loopholes.

Pursing her lips, Consuela wanted to defend herself. But as soon as she raised her head, she saw the arrogant look on Mary's face. She snorted and smiled mildly.

She had put on a delicate make-up and her long curly chestnut hair was tied up a bit. Consuela looked at her, feeling a chill run down her spine.

After a while, she approached the man who gave off the air conditioner and stood in front of him, looking very friendly. "Mr. Richie, I have made an appointment with Rocks Group in H city and I come here to report it."

After taking over the paper of address handed by the woman, Richie's eyes were slightly relaxed. He had many questions in his heart, but he knew that it was not appropriate to ask more at this moment.

"Got it." He nodded, locking his eyes upon Consuela without a blink, as if she were a stranger to him.

Consuela understood that she was set up, but she didn't know how to face it. She didn't want to explain either. It didn't seem like a bad idea to be resigned.

But she was framed for no reason and could not fight back. It was so useless.

"Oh right. This is Mr. Wang's card, Consuela. Remember it. Don't make it hard for others to do it." After that, she turned around and took out a gilded name card.

Huh, she was really a successful woman in the workplace with two faces.

Taking the card, Consuela lowered her head with a bitter smile. Yes, she was not as capable as her, so she wouldn't plot against her. But what benefits could Mary get from doing that?

Standing behind her, the grave look on Tim's face relaxed a little at Mary's words, but he couldn't help but shake his head at her.

Perhaps she had hidden something from Richie and hadn't reported to him. What she had done was wrong.

The atmosphere inside was not good. As Laura walked in, the smile at the corner of her mouth was particularly special. Her sunglasses covered more than half of her face, and her skin was ruddy because of anger.

Being ignored for so long, she was forced to stand in the corner. Now it was finally time for her to give play to her ability.

Under the sunglasses, she scanned the two women in the office. In a deliberately soft voice, she said, "Richie, the Rocks Group you mentioned has a lot of cooperation with my family."

Rocks Group could do something to make her happy.

"If you need my help, I can help you communicate with each other." When she looked into his eyes, the smile on her lips was getting bigger.

Looking at the scene, Mary, who had deliberately dressed up for the meeting, was jealous. However, she could only stay calm with a straight face and dare not cross the line to say anything. 'Well, I have already set the time for negotiation. No need for

your hospitality,' she said in her heart.

The purpose of the cooperation between the two sides was to value the conditions they can provide. To Sruthan Group, it was not necessary for them to work together. But the reputation of the industry could not be abandoned.

Richie looked at her curiously. He put on a cold-blooded smile and said, "Tell me your requirements first."

He didn't believe that this woman, who considered herself as a noble lady, would help him without return after being treated by him like that.

The woman chuckled and took off her sunglasses. Smiling, she shook her finger and said, "I haven't decided yet. Let's talk about it later. Okay?"

"Whatever." Richie didn't care too much. He would not be afraid of her counterattack at all even if he got the news himself.

Seeing that Laura could restrain herself from flipping out, her mouth slightly twitched.

"Well, I'll leave now." As she walked out of the room, she paused a little and stood in front of Consuela. With a frown, she persuaded, "Don't pull that porcelain stuff without the diamond. Don’t be brain damaged and ruin others' life.”

"You..." She raised her head to look at Richie, eyes full of grievances.

A mocking smile emerged on Laura's lips. How could he be possessed by such a woman? Judging from the performance of Richie, it seemed that he did not care much about her.

She shouldn't have worried too much.

Tim and Mary nodded and then left the room. The man, however, didn't seem to appreciate her work at all. Consuela was about to leave, too.

The man behind her, who was looking at the dark sky, spoke in a cold voice like a lotus in the ice, "Consuela, close the door. Come here."

He was trying to settle accounts with the later. It was in such a weird atmosphere now. If she said something wrong, she might lose her whole body.

She tried to explain, "I didn't write that schedule in that document."

She didn't mean to take revenge in the name of public interests. She was also set up.

The current situation was similar to that of the hotel room they had stayed before. It was really an unexpected coincidence.

Although Consuela lowered her head, she could sense his burning gaze. Silence filled the air. No one responded.

After a long time, the man finally spoke up. He threw out a strange question.

"Have you brought your residence booklet?"

He didn't look good, and his face was a little pale, but it was still amazing to look at it.

"What does it have to do with the household register?" Consuela blurted out. She was ready for the storm.

Shouldn't he have pointed at her nose, scolded her for being an idiot and waved his hand to ask her to get out?

Did he take the wrong part? And what did he do with the household register?

She was so shocked by his words that she couldn't come up with an answer and just looked up at him with difficulty.

"Haven't you been thinking about this for a long time? But now you play dumb in front of me? " He approached her and lifted her thin chin with his hand. His eyes were as cold as ice.

Pretending innocent now was useless. Where had she been a few days ago?

'Maybe I should have given her the name earlier so that she wouldn't make trouble.'.

When this idea popped up in his mind, he didn't show much resistance. Actually, it was easy for him to deal with it, but he just felt a little unbelievable.

He was still young, and had never thought of binding his future on a woman. A marriage was not worth a penny.

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