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   Chapter 17 Stop Her

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That night, Richie stayed at the Ye’s house. His cousin was framed by him and sank into the wolf den. His complaining eyes dissipated with the woman's enthusiasm.

He took a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and got a message from his phone, saying that the baby in Consuela's belly was indeed his.

At that moment, he was in a bad mood and could not describe how he was feeling at that moment, as if there were two ropes that had never crossed, and they were all on a certain road and made a turn together.

"Well, if you want to be the Ye Clan's mistress, It'll be happy for you." He shook his goblet and looked blurred in the dim light.

In any case, she only owned a position, and her power could be sidelined. Even though many of the daughters of the rich and powerful clans were the most precious ones, they could not represent the rich and powerful clans.

But that woman would laugh in bed if she knew it.

The man's lips were slightly tilted, leaning against the wine cabinet. Every move of his had the grace that could not be told to others. The dark shirt was supporting the night.

The woman on the other side, however, looked gaunt. At last, she was too tired and fell asleep at the edge of the bed.

She lingered on with her last breath of life. But except that , there was nothing she could do.

She had her child and her family. She couldn't be too selfish.

On the 26th floor of Sruthan Building, two figures were entangling in front of the CEO Office.

"I'm sorry, miss. You don't have an appointment and Mr. Richie isn't inside. So I can't let you in." Consuela stretched out her hands to block her way with an embarrassed expression.

Although the office was supposed to carry a lot of confidential information, this beauty seemed to be a friend of Richie, and it was also possible that they had a close relationship.

She was so brainless. Would she be fired if she came to stop her?

"What are you doing here? You're just arguing with me." Stepping on her toes, Laura was about half a head taller than Consuela, with an aura of oppression.

The sight of this woman disgusted her, but her usual education would not make her so brazen to provoke the enemy openly.

But the woman suddenly stopped her, and pretended to be righteous.

‘Oh, it's really funny. She has already come here, how can she let herself go in disgrace, and this woman is not qualified,’ Laura thought.

Having no choice, Laura took off her large sunglasses and gazed at Consuela with her cold, bright eyes, which were filled with contempt.

"Get out of the way," once she opened her mouth, the person would not refuse her. Her posture was still arrogant, as if no one could bring her into trouble.

"Sorry, please don't make it difficult for my work." Consuela took a few steps backwards, her face deadpan.

Laura, who was sure that the man was inside the room, raised her eyebrows and asked in a low voice, "Do you want me to break into the room by force? Or is he hiding someone in there? "

They all had a disdainful look on their faces. But due to their delicate facial features, their words could be dressed up even if they were mean.

Neither of them was willing to give in. They just stood there in a stalemate. Some people were instructing them in the corridor. And Laura continued to wear sunglasses, biting her lips.

She didn't want to humiliate herself on behalf of the Li Clan.

However, she was stopped by a new secretary who came in through the back door. No one would be more or less willing to give up easily. There was a cruelty in her eyes while looking at the person through her sung


Consuela couldn’t look into her eyes. She really didn't like this kind of situation. She furrowed her beautiful eyebrows stubbornly.

"Stupid nerd, the smartest thing you’ve done is the porn photo scandal." Laura suddenly approached her and bent down slightly. Her long and white hands patted on her white and delicate face, and a light aroma of perfume penetrated her nose.

The simple words frightened the woman who seemed to be invincible just now.

Laura curled her lips. Anyone who knew Richie would know that he was like a wolf in the vast grassland, hated to be bound and schemed the most.

'She not only drugged Richie, but also asked someone to have her photos posted on the Internet, which was an invisible threat. Everyone admires her courage, ' Laura thought.

However, her behavior could also make people hate her to the bone. Looking at her terrified expression now, he could tell that she was deeply regretful.

She chuckled. When she was about to seize the opportunity when she heard a man's voice whom she missed so much and was walking towards her.

With a straight face, Richie suggested, "You two love quarreling so much that you can find a rude place to curse each other."

The man turned to ask Consuela, "What's wrong?"

After hearing the woman's explanation, his face darkened. He knew that there must be something wrong with her.

How could she be willing to do such a malicious thing? How could she drug him? How could she do that? She was so stupid.

Since her plan didn't work, he attributed it to her brainstorming.

"Fine, I found myself a smart secretary," he sneered, fixing his eyes on the woman who was going to bury her head into her chest.

Tim hurried over as soon as he hung up the phone. He heaved a sigh of relief after seeing the man. Tim made some orders to the other end of the phone and then hung up.

Regardless of the two women beside Richie, Tim quickly reported in the man's ear after adjusting his breath. The onlookers who did not know the truth watched in silence.

Richie's face was as pallid as the moment Tim finished speaking. His sharp eyes fell on Consuela, who was waiting for her next education. "Come to my office. We need to talk."

She turned around and made her way to the office. Wiping off the sweat on her forehead, she followed Tim into the office.

The only exception was that Laura stood still with a stiff face. She did not even have the time to greet Richie, and she intimately made a background picture of human flesh.

Laura bit her lower lip and turned her head to look at the office door that was closed tightly. After cursing in a low voice, she wanted to leave. But she suddenly stopped and waited quietly.

She could obviously feel that Richie was distancing himself from her, and his mother didn't know about their awkward relationship at the moment and also asked her why she didn't join the family party with him yesterday.

Laura had forgotten that she was making a lame excuse to cope with her. It was full of loopholes anyway, so she felt powerless to defend herself.

She had only one last shield, which was made up of his mother's love for her. However, her privilege was limited to entering the company freely as she wished.

At the thought of this, Laura's mood got even worse.

Inside the office that was decorated coldly, the man stood in front of a huge French window, looking at the slender street outside.

He tilted his head and asked, "Why didn't you report it yesterday? I'm going to H city to negotiate with Rocks Group today."

Ah, just to revenge for the trivial things he had arranged for her?

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