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   Chapter 16 Family Gathering

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Every end of the month, the Ye Family would get together and have dinner. Everyone in the city would go back home. No one was exempted.

Richie put down his work for a while and dialed something on the internal line. "Bring me shaving cream," he ordered in a threatening tone.

The person on the other end of the line sounded nervous. "Why... I see. I'll do it right away."

Consuela remembered the document given to her by Mary. At the very end, it read, "Do everything as Richie Ye says."

Consuela massaged her temples. Why was she doing this? This job would kill her!

That man clearly knew that the last person she wanted to see was him, yet all day, he had been trying all kinds of excuses just to see her.

It was only made worse when he would only laugh at her as a response to her appearance. It was as if he was plotting something!

After some time of convincing, she fully accepted her fate. She stood up and walked towards the shopping mall not far from the company.

Ever since she started, she was on edge as she had been waiting for what Richie would do to her as a form of revenge. Fortunately, none had happened yet.

Richie, however, looked quite cozy and comfortable as he lounged in his office. He was wearing a dark-colored tie to match with his dark-colored coat. Amazing was what he looked like.

His face, however, stayed blank and expressionless.

In his busy life, his only entertainment was seeing Consuela wince every time they meet. She was like a cat scared to be hit. Today, however, was different. He would go to attend their monthly family gathering, and he would have to face the tears of his mother.

After lunch, there was a knock on the door of his office. It was Consuela. She entered with her face down, carrying a bag full of all kinds of shaving cream. Richie could feel the regret in her aura.

"What are you doing? Why do you look miserable? Go freshen up. I don't want to see a sad sack in my office." As Richie stared at Consuela's pale, miserable face, he couldn't help but be amused.

With a dark face, Consuela asked, "Can you reimburse me?"

When she was in the shopping mall, she was besieged by saleswomen. With her erotic pictures in hand, they smiled and asked whether she was the woman in the pictures.

Awfully embarrassed, she picked up all the shaving cream on the shelf and left right away. She would never go to that shopping mall ever again.

"What? You want me to reimburse you? You earn so little that you can't even afford a few cans of shaving cream?" Richie sneered at her, still looking like a boss who was exploiting his employees.

With this in mind, Consuela felt like her heart had migrated to her throat. If she stayed even a few more minutes longer, there was no doubt that she would die.

She then walked towards Richie's desk and put the bag on the table. After she did, she immediately headed towards the door.

As she exited the office quickly, she didn't hear the man chuckle. It was a very subtle laugh, and somehow, it was such a pleasant thing to hear.

That night, starlight couldn't penetrate the dark sky. A grey sports car sped along the spacious road and stopped in front of the Ye Mansion.

The steward who was in charge of the house was surprised to see the car coming up. When it stopped, he approached the driver, who was Richie's cousin, and said, "Sir, Master Ronald told me that cars can't be parked here."

"Oh, stop panicking, James. Even if rules are set, everyone can easily break them."

The man dressed in black casual clothes frowned, his eyes narrowing slightly. Then he suddenly smiled and said, "Cousin Richie."

"I he

ard your sexy voice from afar," said Richie, who leaned against the pillar with a glass of wine in his hand, looking at the man with a smile.

Richie's cousin had been living abroad the past few years. To him, he was a rare talent.

"Richie, why did you ask me to come here? Do you want me to be the target instead of you?" Richie's cousin said, taking the glass of wine that was being offered to him.

Richie's mother—his auntie—Wendy Su, had been expecting a grandchild for the longest time. Unfortunately for her, Richie seemed to have no plans in introducing even a girlfriend to the family.

Richie took a sip of his wine, chuckling slightly.

Once the dinner started, it became evident that many were missing. Sitting at the head of the table was Ronald Ye, Richie’s grandfather and the head of the family. The old man with gray hair looked ruddy and harmless wearing a cyan robe.

"Why didn't you bring Laura here? It's high time you introduce her to the family!" Wendy Su confronted her son as soon as he sat beside her. Her frown was deep and sincere, and her stare was cold and piercing.

Richie, however, knew that his mother didn't care about Laura one bit—she cared about her possibly caring his child.

"Mom, you know you can invite her here yourself if you want. I'm too busy. I don't have time to entertain her."

It wasn't an excuse. It was true. He truly couldn't care any less about Laura.

Even if he loved his mother dearly, there was no way he would let her force him to a woman like Laura.

"Richie, darling. Laura is perfect already! You really can't find any girl better than her! You must make time for her!" Wendy Su now looked truly disappointed.

It was as if the arrogant and unapproachable Laura was her own flesh and blood!

"Whatever you say, mom," Richie said as he shook his head. He didn't want to talk to her anymore and so he lowered his head. The shadow cast by the grand chandelier above hid the darkening expression on his face.

Wendy Su was annoyed. She, however, knew better than to lose her cool in front of Ronald Ye.

Her grip on the knife tightened as she tried to calm herself down.

Richie couldn't bear to see her like this. He quickly kicked his cousin, who was sitting next to him and trying to suppress his laughter. His cousin cried out in shock, drawing the attention of everyone else.

"Cousin, if you want a woman who would get you back on track, ask your aunt to recommend you some sweet girls. I'm pretty sure you'll like at least one of her blind dates," Richie said out loud, glaring at his cousin.

Everyone's eyes then fell on his cousin. "You know what? I really want to find someone," he said.

The young man's face darkened. Revenge was a dish best served cold.

The old man at the head of the table rested his eyes on Richie. He had known from the very beginning that Richie and the girl of the Li Family wouldn't get along well with each other.

She could not be part of the Ye Family.

As the Ye Mansion was bustling with noise and excitement, Consuela in her apartment, was suffering severe vomiting. She had gotten out of bed for the third time.

She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was pale and gaunt. In an attempt to brighten up her façade, she smiled. It only made her look more tired than before.

As she had been throwing up for much of the evening, the whole bathroom started to smell bad. With a sigh, she touched her belly.

"Baby, are you torturing your mother to death?" Despite her awful condition, she couldn't help but smile.

"If you continue doing this, your mom will enter menopause way sooner than she should have!"

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