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   Chapter 16 Family Gathering

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There was a small family party at the end of every month, and all the members of the Ye Clan in the city would go back home. Now it was no exception.

Richie put down his work, dialed the internal line, and threatened, "Bring me a shaver."

The crunch of the keyboard stopped all of a sudden. "For I see. I'll do it right away. "

On the document, there was a key word. It read: take Richie as the center, and take his words as all standards.

Consuela scratched her head in embarrassment. It was an unreasonable lifestyle for her. Who made it?

That man knew clearly that the last thing she wanted to see was him, but he had been trying all kinds of excuses to see her.

Seeing that he didn't say anything else but laugh meaningfully, as if he was plotting something.

After struggling in her mind for a long time, she finally accepted her fate. She stood up and walked towards the shopping mall not far from the company.

She was worried about what the mean man had said to revenge on her, but she hadn't seen any direct action.

The man in the office, however, looked quite cozy. He wore a dark tie and buttoned the last button of the white shirt.

Richie's face looked expressionless.

In addition to a busy life, Richie only joked with Consuela who was like a cat dared not to reach out its hands. However, today's family gathering, he should have to face the tears of his mother.

After lunch, there was a knock on the door of the office. The woman, carrying a bag of shavers, came in with a pale face. She still didn't raise her head, but Richie could feel her grievance.

"What are you doing? Get some groceries and make your face stinky." He rested his chin on his hand, and fixed his eyes on her cold face.

With a dark face, Consuela asked, "Can you reimburse me?"

When she was in the mall, she was besieged by waiters. With their erotic pictures in hand, they smiled and asked whether she was the woman in the picture.

As a result of her self-esteem, she picked up all the shavers on the shelf and left right away. However, she thought maybe she would never go to that shopping mall again.

"What? You want me to reimburse you? You earn so little that you can't even afford several bottles of shaver water?" the man sneered at her, still looking like a boss who was exploiting his employees.

With this in mind, Consuela felt like her heart would die in her throat if she stayed a few more minutes longer.

With a darkened face, she put the bag on the table and directly walked away, without waiting for him to say anything more.

She walked too fast to hear the laughter of the man behind her. The laugh was subtle in the air and it was very pleasant to hear. Her face was outlined vividly by the sunlight.

At night, it was very dark outside, and the wind whimpered in the dark. A grey sports car sped along the spacious road and stopped in front of the Ye’s house.

The steward who was in charge of the house was frightened. He came over and gave a glance. "Master Ronald told me that you can't stop the car here."

"Don't be panic, Uncle He. The rules are set and everyone else can break them."

The man dressed in black casual clothes frowned, his eyes knitting slightly. Then he suddenly smiled and said, "Cousin."

"I heard your sexy voice from afar," said Richie, who leaned against the Rome pillar with a glass of wine in his hand, looking at the low-key man with a smile.

Richie's cousin, Aron, had been living abroad for many years. Richie thought his cousin was a rare talent.

The man took the wine that Richie handed over and joked, "Richie, why did you ask me to come here? Do you want me to be your next target?"

His auntie Wendy Su, Richie’s mother had been waiting for a grandchild for a long time, but her only son, Richie, hadn't been doing anything to introduce wife to her yet.

Richie took a sip of his wine, smiling silently.

At the dinner table of the Ye Clan, there were not many people to participate in the party. The one who was seated in the middle was the head of the family, Ronald Ye, Richie’s grandfather. The old man with gray hair looked ruddy and harmless wearing a green Tang robe.

"Why don't you bring Laura here? It's better to enhance our relationship." Wendy Su looked at Richie who was sitting opposite to her. She frowned and looked him up and down seemed to dislike him.

She cared a lot about that girl, or perhaps her grandson.

In the old woman's faint gaze, Richie smiled and said, "Mom can call her by yourself if you want. I don't have so much spare time to take care of that lady."

The reason why he invited that woman to this family gathering was to indirectly acknowledge her identity.

Richie didn't think he was stupid enough to listen to his mother.

"Which lady? Can you meet someone more considerate than her?" Wendy Su frowned and wanted to correct him. There was a faint sense of pride in her tone.

It was as if the arrogant and approachable woman was the real piece of her flesh that fell down.

"Mom, as long as you are happy." Richie shook his head and did not want to talk to her anymore. He lowered his eyes. The glazed lamp above his head could not cast into the darkness in his eyes.

Wendy Su could not say anything, but she was faint of anger, and she did not dare to lose her temper in front of Ronald Ye.

She held the knife in her hand, looking aggrieved.

Richie couldn't bear to see her like this. He kicked the man who was bearing his laughter under the table. A low voice came, and attracted everyone's attention to this side.

"Aron, if you want a woman to discipline you, ask your aunt to recommend some girls for you. She has lots of resources that can surprise you." Richie wiped his mouth, raised his voice.

In the light of the curious eyes of the rest, the man in casual clothes said with a bitter smile, "I really want to find someone."

The young man's face darkened. Revenge was a dish best served cold.

The old man in the seat of honor rested his eyes on Richie. He had known from the very beginning that the child and the girl of the Li Clan wouldn't live a peaceful life.

It could not be her who would become the Ye Clan's hostess later.

The Ye's house was bustling with noise and excitement. Meanwhile, on the other side, Consuela was having a severe morning sickness. She had gotten out of bed for the third time.

She looked up at herself in the mirror. She saw her face pale and gaunt. She forced a smile, but it looked worse than crying.

A faint stink filled the bathroom and was unable to be swept away. She leaned on the washbasin with one hand and sighed.

"Baby, are you torturing your mother to death?" Looking at the empty belly, she smiled helplessly.

If she continued to be tormented by early pregnancy reaction, she might have entered the menopause in advance.

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