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   Chapter 15 A Mystery

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In the office, Tim began to alter the reports. His expression was finally replaced by a slight official one.

However, the man who was listening to his long speech seemed absent-minded. Richie's long hand turned the pen casually, and his eyes were dark.

"Our company's recent performance has been rising. The entertainment company you chose last time has also settled the price." At the end of the report, Tim couldn't help flattering him.

But Richie frowned and looked a little troubled. He didn't ask more but laughed in his heart.

Even if this person made a subtle expression, he could figure out his general mood at the moment. Needless to say, he knew who was the reason why he acted like this.

Lowering his head to look at his watch, Tim pretended to be busy, but in fact, he was quite nervous. "If there's nothing else, I'll go back to work first."

"How is the new secretary?" Richie asked, unable to stay calm.

And all of a sudden, the pen that swirled the perfect arc in his hand fell on the table, making a crisp sound, as if it was opening a mysterious door.

"You look great. Mary gave your daily routine and your regular schedule in the next week to her," Tim responded, keeping a straight face

She could eat, laugh, and even fight in the office. She must be in a good condition.

Richie nodded, picked up the pen on the desk again and drove him out of the office silently.

In the afternoon, Consuela walked into the man's office and told him the following schedule in a formulaic way. Her face was stiff as she was speaking.

"You’ll have a party at NR Group tonight. You’ll have to sign the contract with the European QC Consortium soon." Consuela said as she closed the file. Then she didn't say a word, trying to cover her nervousness.

"Well, what else?" Richie's eyes fell on the screen of the computer. The screen was covered in disorder. His hand on the desk flipped through it quickly.

His question left Consuela in a daze for a second. She went through the files in her hands, shook her head and replied, "That's all for today's schedule."

She stopped talking and the man didn't even raise his head. Not let her leave and he just ignored her.

Right then, the door was pushed open all of a sudden. A light fragrance filled the air. Out of curiosity, Consuela turned her head and looked right into the eyes of a noble woman.

They made eye contact for a few seconds, and then Consuela lowered her head. The woman looked so imposing, looking like a female peacock.

She was so arrogant and inviolable that she kept people away from her.

"Why are you here?" The first one to speak was the man whose eyes had been fixed on the screen. He spoke in a calm and emotionless way, making it hard for others to guess his true emotions.

It seemed that this was the first time for Laura to come to Sruthan Building to find him. He was really surprised at the result, but he frowned more tightly.

He didn't think that Laura came here just to tell him some good news.

Looking at the woman who lowered her head and looked straight in her eyes, Richie's face lowered slightly. His Adam's apple moved up and down slightly. In a cold voice, he said, "Send the work list to my email later. Go out first."

Consuela nodded quickly and then ran away like a defeated warrior.

"I miss you so much all of a sudden," replied Laura calmly and elegantly, as if she had practiced for millions of times.

The man

raised his eyebrows slightly, without any response. His face was shining under the blue light, and was highly distinguishable. A faint smile slowly appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Laura clenched her teeth secretly. She did not want to waste her efforts to go to Sruthan Building to find him, but was only treated coldly like this.

But she could not say a word when she saw the cold face of Richie.

Everyone wanted her to grasp this money spinner, regardless of her pride and self-esteem, and all she cared about was only fame and interests. Her clan needed a rich lady instead of a lady who was well-educated and unreasonable.

At the same time, her affection for Richie was not as cold as she appeared, but the man would dislike her if she was too focused, yet he would not really love her.

If she wasn't mistaken, the woman she saw just now should be the woman in the nude photo frame. She put the time bomb beside her and waited for her to get the whole day?

Laura was sitting on the sofa next to the office. She looked at Richie who was concentrating on his work from the corner of her eyes and sighed slightly in her heart.

Was he going to put the woman under surveillance, or was he really interested in her?

Well, it was the first time that Laura couldn’t figure out what Richie was thinking.

"If you come here only to waste our time, then you can go out now," Richie said impatiently, raising his head from the computer screen.

He didn't want to see this woman's face, either.

"I'm sorry. I know I was too willful before. Now I have realized my fault. Can you give me another chance?" She furrowed her beautiful brows and her voice sounded a little pathetic.

She was a master of acting, whose life was just like a drama, full of acting skills.

"I don't think you understand what I mean because of my ambiguous words last time" After a short pause, he added, "You are just the girl my family arranged for me to go on a blind date. I have shown enough respect for you. You say break up with me first."

His last sentence was smashed. "I hope both of us can start a new life."

His meaning was clear: He didn't want to bother anyone around him.

He had noticed the cautiousness in Laura's eyes when she saw Consuela earlier. He knew that this woman was smart, but she also liked playing tricks.

He must take his own revenge.

Laura stood up and hid her emotions. She replied, "Your mother is very satisfied with me. She also asked me to have dinner with you. But you are always busy."

"You should be busy now. Then I won't disturb you. We have ample time anyway." The woman came and went in a hurry, her posture was as arrogant as ever, and she spoke with a slick tongue.

Richie was a filial son. With Mrs. Ye's love, Laura didn't feel flustered. But that woman was a hidden trouble after all.

Richie was a little reluctant to see the woman he had known for a long time. He didn't say much to her when she left.

After the woman left, there was only the light breath of the man in the empty office.

He suddenly made a phone call. There was no joy or anger on his face. "How is the examination result?"

Was that child his.

As the person spoke at a very fast speed, Richie's face slowly darkened, and his eyes were as dim as the light in the dark night. He took a deep breath of stale air and diluted it in the slightly smoked air.

Life was hard to tell. He had no choice but to accept it.

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